AntiVirus [PPP]

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(To PPP said half of my posts have to be about technology. Well over half of my posts are on the topic of blogs and the internet...though you working at a fancy company may take these things for granted, they are still relatively new form of technology to most of us)
As my regular readers are very aware, technology, especially the technology of the internet and blogs, (i.e. widgets, javascript, web 2.0 companies) is a recurring topic here. Well, for every awesome new feature to add onto your blog, there is an awesomely bad feature waiting to cripple your blog or worse your whole computer. is a website helping you to escape that problem with their Norton 2007 download and other software as well. Why, just today, someone tried to send me a virus disguised within an alleged eBay email. What immediately tipped me off was it wasn't the email I use for eBay. If that had sent it to the right email maybe I would've been tricked. But I have my antivirus already, so it doesn't matter!


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