Rerun Saturday: 12/30/2006

Bag Wine Ruminations
This pick comes to us courtesy of Morgen from "It's a Blog Eat Blog World."
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He's weird. He's twisted. He's funny. A guy
who loves loose-meat sandwiches, fried Spam, and of course, Wild Irish Rose. He's Matt-man of Bag Wine Ruminations.

His humor isn't for everyone, granted. I find him hilarious. He can take a routine thing, like a tour of his town of Springfield, Ohio, and turn it into a funny road trip.

He is a Bestest Blogger in the sense that he creates a sense of community and communication on his site -- he loves comments, and loves to comment on your comments! Frequently his wit and puns in his comments are just as funny as his blog articles.

His blog also has great reading material in the sidebar -- where most of us have ads, Matt-man has put things like Word Of The Day, This Day In History, a Quotation Of The Day, along with two games: hangman, which I thought I was good at until faced with words like "Thorax", and a vocabulary match game; again, I thought I was above average in the field of vocabulary words -- however, I am lucky to get 3 out of 5 on a daily basis with this match game, courtesy of The Free Dictionary.

Matt-man was at his best, recently, when he planned a dinner party: Guess Who's Coming To Dinner. He invited Josef Stalin, George W Bush, and Jesus to his place for a dinner. No dates were allowed, but that didn't stop Stalin from bringing Gina Lollobrigida as his dinner companion. Matt-man's pre-dinner planning with Let's Get Ready To Rumble was one of the funniest things I've read all year.
Put all these funny, discordant elements into a blender -- with a generous dash of Wild Irish Rose, of course, and you have Bag Wine Ruminations. You never know what to expect, but I'll bet it will make you laugh.

Check out Bag Wine Ruminations. Say Hi to Matt-man, and tell him Morgen and Bestest Blog sent ya!


chumly said…
Sounds good to me!
Kumiko said…
Sounds good. I wonder who you would invite to your dinner party?
Morgen said…
Bobby -- thanks for spotlighting Matt-man in your rerun! His fictional dinner party was still one of the funniest things I read ALL year!
Congrats to Bagwine Ruminations!

Matt-Man said…
Thanks Bobby!! And thanks to you Mo for getting it all started...Happy New Year's to all.

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