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Bestest Blog of the Day: 01/31/2007

Thermal - Just A Lot Of Hot Air
...a guest review by Starrlight

The Scottish Are Coming! And at least one of them is getting an award when they get here! Today's pick for Bestest Blog of The Day is Thermal - Just A Lot Of Hot Air. I love this Blog. Chris has done a great job making it fun and user friendly. Topics can range from candy to kids. The look of the Blog is clean and user friendly and makes me feel like housecleaning my blog, but in a good way! Here is what Chris has to say for himself,

"Hi, I'm Chris Lodge, I live in the county of Aberdeenshire in the country of Scotland, which is part of the UK. I'm married, with twin boys born in 2001, and have (gladly) given up real work to look after them. I don't miss it at all. Being an opinionated kind of person, I though I'd start a blog (along with everyone else on the planet!) and see what happens. I like music, reading, walking in the Grampian mountains and the ancient Stone Circles of Britain - I have a web…

Penny Stocks [PPP]


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One of the hottest new investment trends on the internet are penny stocks. Penny stocks are stocks whose share prices is VERY low. Stocks like this represent a minimum investest that could get a large profit. Think about it. A stock is selling for a penny per share. You buy 1000 shares for $10. If the stock goes bankrupt you lose $10, no biggie. If the stock goes up to a nickel per're up to $50! Nice! This site promotes itself as The MySpace for the Penny Stock investor! A pretty big claim, but they back it up with nice content, incentives for first time members, and lots of helpful charts and reviews. Check it out!

Bestest Blog of the Day: 01/29/2007

Ms Maggie Moo Talks 2 U
...a review by Skittles!

The first time I visited Ms Maggie Moo Talks 2 U I was hooked. She went right into my links list and will stay there. Mags is such a breath of fresh air in this Blogosphere!

She is an extremely interesting lady and is not afraid to discuss her past heartbreaks as she shows in Swan Umbrella And Doritos. It's a very poignant post about an unrequited young love. In her post Crescendo, she's again in her childhood, but this time talking about how sometimes good intentions don't always work out the way you hoped.

She touches on her problem with skinny people thinking they are overweight in Weebles Wobble and since at times she has thought of giving up dating altogether, she gives funny hints on how to end a bad date in Simple Suggestions.

Mags is from Connecticut and is in culinary school and expects to graduate in June. She does some catering and in-home cooking classes besides working in a restaurant once a week as part of her int…

Soap Opera [PPP]

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Today I took the opportunity to tell you guys about a Soap Opera News site. Not only does this hot up and coming site want a little buzz to get people to check it out, but they're also looking for a little constructive criticism... so I'm happy to give it to them. My first comment would be that the site is very busy (though of course many people have said about my site as well)... I guess when you have a lot to offer there is a chance of running into this problem. I know I am working on it here, hopefully they are working on it as well. Another thing I don't like is the music that automatically loads on the site. This is a serious pet peeve of mine and has made me adopt the policy of keeping my speakers off by default. Other than that, I'd say they have a pretty awesome site on their hands (if you like soap operas)!

Next Blog Carnival Reminder!

Hey guys, the deadline for the next carnival is QUICKLY approaching (it's on Wednesday!). The theme this time around is "EMBARASSMENT," as always the theme is open to interpretation (it doesn't necessarily have to be an embarassing story about yourself). We haven't had many submissions at all compared to previous carnivals...are you guys too embarassed to submit one?

Well, if you get over your embarassment, submit your post for the next carnival here and check back next Saturday when the carnival will be hosted at Ramblings of an Undisturbed Mind.

Rerun Sunday: 01/28/2007

Peggy, as she is
This guest blogging pick comes to us from Ms. Peanut at "Peanut, Peanut Butter...Jelly!"(Insert drum roll here) "And the winner of ‘Bestest Blog of the Day for September 14th, 2006’ is ‘Peggy, as she is’!"

Mommy Dearest, Boy, and Elsie’s mother complicate Peggy’s life on a regular basis-- from denial of visitation to not minding her own business. Between having a 2- and a 4–year old, running an eBay store, dealing w/ MD, and life in general, I don’t know how Peggy does it.

I especially love her rant about advertising on PBS and her rant about Mommy Dearest’s attempt at visitation denial.

You never know what you're going to read next with Peggy. It could be about PBS, Mommy Dearest, her secret admirer, or even garbage bags! So please check out Peggy at "Peggy, as she is" and tell her that Bestest Blog and Peanut sent ya!

Free Podcast [PPP]

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If anyone is interested in hosting their own Free Podcast, this is the site to check out. A Podcast is kinda like an audio blog...and you just like your set up your RSS feed to regularly alert your readers of new posts, you can set up a podcast to let your listeners automatically download new episodes. Maybe free podcast hosting doesn't sound like a big deal, but unlike just typing out files take up a lot of space and bandwidth. SO it is a big deal, therefore making this site a big deal. Check it out!

This week's updates...

...are complete! Only 79 new blogs this week. Wow, I can honestly say that I never imagined that I would ever be saying that I ONLY linked up with 79 new blogs in a single week. But after two weeks, both above 100, 79 seems a little small! But I shall persevere. Check them all out on the Recent Additions page.

Also, I must mention the 6 blogs that fell out of the top 100 this week: S Nicolas Originals, Brave New Word, A Homesteading Neophyte, Twenty-three and Counting, To Love, Honor, and Dismay, Dr. Blogstein

This recent update makes it official...the Top 100 Premium Blogs all have donations over $5! That means that 100 people have found my site useful enough and worthwhile enough to donate OVER $5. This is both flattering and kinda scary at the same time. Sometimes I don't take the time to realize and appreciate how well this site is doing, but when I take a step back and look at facts like this, I can't do anything but utter "wow" to myself. Thanks everyone…

Social Network [PPP]

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Social networking sites are great. The internet on a whole is great. But social networking in particular is a great way to meet new people and to learn new things. For example...some blogs are all about the person who writes them, and you can learn all about that person, their likes, dislikes, and feel almost like you've known them your whole life. Often, you get to know them better than you get to know your real life friends.
The other possibility is that the blog has a theme. Like this one, do you get to know me really well? Kinda, but not especially. But it is the bestest resource to find OTHER great blogs to read. There are a lot of Poker blogs out there, offering tips and personal user experience on how to be a better poker player. This one in particular is pretty good. If you've been keeping, tabs, I've been playing a lot of online poker lately. Up I'm $5 total...I'm just happy …

Last chance to be blog of the month...

There's only a few hours left on the auction for "Bestest Blog of the Month". The total is already about as big as it has ever been...but, hey, that makes sense. The site is as popular and getting as many hits as it has ever been. Don't miss out on your chance to boost your blog's traffic into the big time!

Also, stay tuned later as I am also working on this week's updates.

Another Puzzle Piece [PPP]

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Pay Per Post and HP Camera Digital Photo Printing are having another photo scavenger hunt contest! This is really a great situation. HP has all the prizes and money to give out...and Pay Per Post acts as the mediator to reward all of us lucky bloggers! I've already made $20 from promoting their contest. Small change compared to the $1000 the contest winner will get (perhaps it will be me!). Plus, HP has given out 10 new cameras to Pay Per Posters. In fact, this contest is profiling the photography work of one of the camera winners, Melissa. So, good luck in beating me out in the contest, this is piece #28 if you are collecting them. If you want to join the Pay Per Post sensation, click on the button in my left sidebar. Thanks and enjoy! This post sponsored by HP!

Bestest Blog of the Day: 01/26/2007

The Cedar Chest
...a review by Jessie

When searching for a good blog I look for several things. Do I connect with the blog in some way? Is it well written? Do I feel better after visiting than I did before? And does this blog connect with other blogs by way of links, comments, shoutouts... All of these things are true for The Cedar Chest so that's why it is The Bestest Blog of The Day.

Elie thoughtfully describes her blog in this way. "At the foot end of our bed sits a cedar chest and in this cedar chest are many items that I hold dear to my heart. There are homemade quilts, baby clothes our kids wore and graduation cap and gowns among other items. Each one having a story of it's own. My hopes are to put into this blog what I can't literally put into my cedar chest. I am hoping that my blog will have as wonderful an "aroma" as my cedar chest has each time I open it and put new words and memories into this blog."

Elie does a fantastic job of sharing her m…

Sunglasses [LL]

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Wholesale Sports sunglasses, Wholesale Fashion Sunglasses, and Wholesale Sunglasses...the new 2007 line is available and they are looking great! A lot of people don't realize that sunglasses are not just about making a fashion statement (though they are very trendy), but they can also be worn for health reasons. A good pair of sunglasses (not a $10 crap pair from CVS) will more than likely have up to 99.9% UV (ultra violet) ray protection. In fact, you might even call a good pair of sunglasses a different name for this reason. Regular sunglasses protect your eyes from the bright glare of the sun. What some people forget though is that on a cloudy day, the sun might not be in your eyes, but the UV rays will still be pounded down and causing potential damage to your eyes. So don't worry if people give you a weird look for wearing a good pair of sunglasses on a cloudy know better than they do!…

Puzzle Piece [PPP]

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Pay Per Post is having another puzzle contest! How to play? Well, first you have to be a member of Pay Per Post (see the left sidebar for a link to their free and easy sign up). Then, you collect all 48 puzzle pieces (this is piece #1). You assemble all 48 puzzle pieces on your blog, and be the first to take the $1000 opportunity when it pops up on Pay Per Post. This time around, the puzzle is a collage of pictures taken by the recent winner of an "HP Camera." I too entered the contest to win that camera, but oh well. Actually, they had 10 cameras to give away, but they've only given away 9 so far...I guess I still have a chance! Thanks to HP and their Digital Photography Review...HP sponosored this post!

Bestest Blog of the Day: 01/25/2007

The Ice Box
...a review by Starrlight

Today's Bestest Blog of The Day is The Ice Box brought to us by Desert Songbird who describes herself as a "Work-from-home mother, wife, writer, singer, and all-around jill-of-all-trades coming at you with musings from the desert."

I love the name of this blog. Ice Cream lives in an Ice Box and that is just what this blog reminds me of. 31 Flavors of Blogging Fun.

For a scoop of strawberry, check out her Project 365 to get a daily look at her world. Who knew it rained in the desert like this?

You scoop of chunky monkey comes with a sports report on Desert's beloved Colts.

For a scoop of Mint Chip, take a peek at the many weekly carnivals and meme that Desert participates in, such as the latest
Thursday Thirteen ?

And if you are looking for a scoop of Rocky Road, look no further than The Wickedness Fine to see just what you will be paying!

The Ice Box has something to offer in all 31 Flavors. Head on over and be sure to tell Desert Songb…

Credit Cards [PPP]

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Credit Cards are perhaps a necessary part of our modern society...both for the good and the bad. I always think of them as a Catch-22. If you have a good credit rating, you get a card with low interest, though you probably don't need it...if you have a bad credit rating, your card will have high interest and you get screwed even more. It's the high interest that is scaring a lot of people (like me) away from using their credit cards as much today as people have in years past. We all know someone, who knows someone, who screwed their life up royally by maxing out their credit cards and barely being able to make the minimum payments. Stay up to date with credit card news and if you have to, consolidate onto a better credit card with 0% balance transfers.

A fun interview I did...

Thought you guys might be interested in checking out an interview I did at the blog, For Your Success. It was a lot of fun to do, and I thank "The Success Coach" for the opportunity!

Renamed City [PPP]

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So, I heard about this guy who got his city renamed. Doesn't sound like a big deal, but check out the rename. It was previously Halfway, Oregon. Now, it's, Oregon. That's right, it's named after a web site! He wrote a book all about how he did it using a technique called Buzz Marketing, where you basically just get people talking about the idea and let it kinda snowball until everyone is in favor of it. Now he's a marketing speaker and going around giving speeches about how you can be a Buzz Marketer.

Bestest Blog of the Day: 01/23/2007

It's About Time
...a review by Skittles!

Since this is my first time as a guest reviewer I thought it only fitting that I pick one of the first bloggers ever to comment on my blog! That blogger is none other than Mau from It's About Time!!!

I had posted about Taylor Hicks from last season's American Idol show and she commented that she liked him, too. In her post called Bonus she calls it a "Woo Hoo Day!" because she'd bought a People magazine that had articles and pictures about him along with her other interest Prince William.

Be sure to read her hilarious post called Look Through Any Window where she tells about something disgusting she oversees her neighbor doing! In her Creep Who Came To Visit post, she tells about a visitor nobody would want to have.

Mau is from Ontario and enjoys exercising, sometimes with very embarrassing results, as you'll read about in Cracker Jack. (She's not going to be happy with me for listing THAT post.. haha!) She and her…

Fashion Blog [PPP]

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Belisi has established himself as one of the US's top fashion critics. From giving tips on how to remain hip and hot in today's current fashion world, to breaking down the latest red carpet runway gala disasters and spectacles. I like that he combines both of these aspects into one. There are a lot of "look your best" shows and a lot of "Hollywood celebrity fashion" shows...well Belisi's blog takes both of these concepts and combines it into one. And let's face it, they're pretty similar as it is, I'm surprised they're not bundled together more often.

This Week's Updates

87 new links up that can be checked out in the Recent Additions.

This week something amazing happened. The stars all aligned and a lot of my faithful readers decided this would be the week they made a generous donation. Well, in this past week, if you count the eBay auction and my PayPerPost payments, I actually made MORE from this blog than I did teaching high school. I know what you're saying, "High school teachers aren't paid very well." Well, duh, that's part of the reason I run this blog in the first place. Still, I think it's pretty awesome! Below are some details on this week's donators.

New to the Top 100:
4. And as the World Turns, 12. To Love, Honor, and Dismay, 17. Smiling Sunflower, 47. Hippie Spelunker, 54. Infinite Monkeys, 59. Celebrity Scoop, 60. Tricia's Musings, 61. Odd Planet, 62. Breath of Life Photography, 63. As the Garden Grows, 70. The Shopping Duck 98. Maine Stay Inn

Dropping out of the Top 100:
-I Am Woman, See Me Blog, -Wo…

Carnival time, once again!

Bestest Blog Carnival 1.5 is up and running over at Mimi Writes. The theme this time around was "Your Favorite Meme." Please go and check it out, the end result is pretty awesome!!

Remember, if you joined the carnival, PLEASE put up a link and direct a few people over! Feel free to use this awesome banner (created by Janna) in your post.

Practical Joke [PPP]

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This is a Pay Per Post opportunity that I probably would've shared even if I wasn't being paid. I love these! This one is about Inphonic Jaguar...Inphonic is an internet company and the Jaguar was the victim of the prank! This guy (who by the picture, I bet you can guess is named Walt) parked his Jaguar in the far corner of the parking lot to avoid any possible dings or dents. Well, one day his co-workers decided to cover it completely in Post-It notes! I think it looks pretty hilarious, so bright and neon. You can't even really tell they are Post-It notes...they did it so evenly and covered everything. I wish my friends and family had this idea instead of the standard shaving cream debacle at my wedding!

Bestest Blog of the Month!

Well, only a week left in January, so that means it's time for another Bestest Blog of the Month eBay auction! As always, bidding starts at only a penny! It's been a really great way for some blogs to boost their traffic big time in only a single month. Not only do you get the big link, but you get a boost in the Random Blog button and more. Click here to read the full details of what you get! Bidding ends in a week, but it starts right now at only a penny. Good luck!

Payday Loan [PPP]

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Living pay check to pay check? If so, I'm sorry to hear that. I've been there and I know that it's not always your fault. Some times the stars align in your favor...sometimes it's the complete opposite. Well, if your last pay check just didn't cut it, you can check out Payday Cash Advance Loans. For when your next Payday and your next credit card payment aren't coming up in the preferred order, you do have other options!

Weekly updates and other stuff

Well, we tied the record with 115 new link exchanges again this week! Check em all out in the Recent Additions.

You might notice that I've changed the right sidebar around. Before, it used to be the top 100 blogs sorted by category. Now it's the top 100 blogs sorted by donation amount. The previous order didn't seem fair to those who were pretty generous, but didn't happen to be a personal blog. Remember this order when you are making a donation! For example, a donation of $10.25 will get you significantly higher than a donation of $10.00, since there are so many $10 donations already (#57 though #81).

Here are the blogs that fell out of the Top #100 this week. Remember guys, you can always add to your previous donation! And you still get all the other perks of being premium, except being in the sidebar:
Controlled Chaos, And Another Thing..., meloncutter musings, A Dog A Day, Memoirs of a Gouda

Poker [PPP]

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I have been playing poker online a lot lately. I like to play at sites such as Pokerstars and Bodog poker. Obviously, everyone knows that playing poker online is very different from playing it in person (for example, you don't get to see someone's facial expressions, so you can't glean any information or tells from them). But, playing poker at a casino can very depending on what city you are in. For example, Las Vegas is the home of the casual gambler. People go though with their vacation money and are prepared to lose a certain amount of money. Not to say that they don't try their hardest to win, but more often than not they play at tables outside their skill level. At a casino in New York however, you don't find these people. The tables are more comprised of skilled poker players and local players as opposed to vacationers.