Carnival time, once again!

Bestest Blog Carnival 1.5 is up and running over at Mimi Writes. The theme this time around was "Your Favorite Meme." Please go and check it out, the end result is pretty awesome!!

Remember, if you joined the carnival, PLEASE put up a link and direct a few people over! Feel free to use this awesome banner (created by Janna) in your post.


I hope I'm using the best way to ask a question. I'm technically a rookie, but none of the links at "Mimi Writes" work for me. I'm dying to check out the memes but cannot.
I've tried at different times on different days. Any ideas for me? Or am I just hopeless???
Mimi Lenox said…
Gracie - It must be something technically on your end. I tested everything twice and the links worked fine. Please write if you have other questions.

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