Next Blog Carnival Reminder!

Hey guys, the deadline for the next carnival is QUICKLY approaching (it's on Wednesday!). The theme this time around is "EMBARASSMENT," as always the theme is open to interpretation (it doesn't necessarily have to be an embarassing story about yourself). We haven't had many submissions at all compared to previous carnivals...are you guys too embarassed to submit one?

Well, if you get over your embarassment, submit your post for the next carnival here and check back next Saturday when the carnival will be hosted at Ramblings of an Undisturbed Mind.


arte said…
Very interesting, I did something similar.


Roger said…
I have a good one for you
searched and searched and nothing embarrassing bobby! finally just submitted something that should be! ha ha
Starrlight said…
LOL Bee!

Mine is embarrassing only in that it demonstrates the weird way my brain works. It's perfect for a place called Ramblings of and Undisturbed Mind.

'Cept mine is disturbed. Shhh..don't tell.
bobbarama said…
OK ... just submitted my most recent embarrassing moment, assuming you think ... well, actually, I'll just let you read it. hee hee
Anonymous said…
I am in jail man - it was your stuff - so out up the bail man!!
tanlotion19 said…
You have a great blog. I love to read it at least twice a week. Thanks

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