Sunglasses [LL]

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Wholesale Sports sunglasses, Wholesale Fashion Sunglasses, and Wholesale Sunglasses...the new 2007 line is available and they are looking great! A lot of people don't realize that sunglasses are not just about making a fashion statement (though they are very trendy), but they can also be worn for health reasons. A good pair of sunglasses (not a $10 crap pair from CVS) will more than likely have up to 99.9% UV (ultra violet) ray protection. In fact, you might even call a good pair of sunglasses a different name for this reason. Regular sunglasses protect your eyes from the bright glare of the sun. What some people forget though is that on a cloudy day, the sun might not be in your eyes, but the UV rays will still be pounded down and causing potential damage to your eyes. So don't worry if people give you a weird look for wearing a good pair of sunglasses on a cloudy know better than they do! (Of course, I must mention that despite all this, there is still no non fashion reason to wear them at night! But, I guess if they go with your outfit, wear them all you want. How about a compromise though, at least not while you are driving!)
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Tanning Lotion said…
I personally like the cheap sunglasses.

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