Bestest Blog of the Day: 01/26/2007

The Cedar Chest
...a review by Jessie

When searching for a good blog I look for several things. Do I connect with the blog in some way? Is it well written? Do I feel better after visiting than I did before? And does this blog connect with other blogs by way of links, comments, shoutouts... All of these things are true for The Cedar Chest so that's why it is The Bestest Blog of The Day.

Elie thoughtfully describes her blog in this way. "At the foot end of our bed sits a cedar chest and in this cedar chest are many items that I hold dear to my heart. There are homemade quilts, baby clothes our kids wore and graduation cap and gowns among other items. Each one having a story of it's own. My hopes are to put into this blog what I can't literally put into my cedar chest. I am hoping that my blog will have as wonderful an "aroma" as my cedar chest has each time I open it and put new words and memories into this blog."

Elie does a fantastic job of sharing her memories, feelings, and life with her readers. She is a loving mom to her children. What I love is that while she obvioulsy adores her children she also shares her struggles as a mom. She talks about her son and his slight problem with The Cedar Chestspeeding. She shares about how her daughter has changed over the years and how she offers Elie some encouragement when she needs it.

Elie does a great job of reaching out to other bloggers and forming connections. On the weekend you can find a Weekend Wink from Elie. She will pick a blog she enjoys and writes a very detailed description of that blog to share with her own readers.

In a lot of ways Elie reminds me of my own mom. When I visit Elie's blog I feel safe and secure and happier for having visited. That's how I always felt with my mom. So pay Elie a visit. I promise it will give you feel good moment and we all need those from time to time. Don't forget to tell Elie that Jessie and the Bestest Blog of All Time sent you!


Ellie said…
Thank you Jessie. This is so nice of you!

Also thanks to Bobby for having this blog set up for fellow bloggers! It is a great tool.

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R2K said…
: )
Julie said…
Go Ellie!
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The News said…
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adamandjeremy said…
we have the bestest blog of the day!
Infomaniac said…
This is an interesting blog. Check out mine, its about gardening
Anonymous said…
Love your Blog! and to think I was just passing through and found this great blog. :)
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HeiressChild said…
i followed this link from ellie's blog. what a beautiful tribute to her and her blog. she writes from the depths of her heart, and every post is very thought-provoking and interesting.

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