Bestest Blog of the Day: 01/29/2007

Ms Maggie Moo Talks 2 U
...a review by Skittles!

The first time I visited Ms Maggie Moo Talks 2 U I was hooked. She went right into my links list and will stay there. Mags is such a breath of fresh air in this Blogosphere!

She is an extremely interesting lady and is not afraid to discuss her past heartbreaks as she shows in Swan Umbrella And Doritos. It's a very poignant post about an unrequited young love. In her post Crescendo, she's again in her childhood, but this time talking about how sometimes good intentions don't always work out the way you hoped.

She touches on her problem with skinny people thinking they are overweight in Weebles Wobble and since at times she has thought of giving up dating altogether, she gives funny hints on how to end a bad date in Simple Suggestions.

Mags is from Connecticut and is in culinary school and expects to graduate in June. She does some catering and in-home cooking classes besides working in a restaurant once a week as part of her internship. Check out this bowl of Green Goddess Ice Cream. (Made with avocados!)

Please drop by Ms Maggie Moo Talks 2 U soon. Tell her Skittles and the Bestest Blog sent you.


Mike said…
I've been to her blog and it is interesting reading. Thanks.
Andrew said…
Hi Bobby,
Thanks for the heads up on falling out of the Top 100. I am happy with the traffic I have had so far from your site and I'd like to increase it, so I have just made a further donation to add to my total and move "To Love, Honor, and Dismay" to a new spot on the list. As always Bobby, thanks for all the help!
AlexaGirl said…
She have a good blog! I want buy phentermine What do you think?
Bond said…
LOVE Ms. Mags... excellent choice Skittles and Bobby
R2K said…
Ms Mags is awesomoo
bugagaaaaagggg LOL!
Jack Black Soundboards
Mags said…
Thanks again Bobby and Skittles! It was fantastic to see so many people come by yesterday!

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