Practical Joke [PPP]

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This is a Pay Per Post opportunity that I probably would've shared even if I wasn't being paid. I love these! This one is about Inphonic Jaguar...Inphonic is an internet company and the Jaguar was the victim of the prank! This guy (who by the picture, I bet you can guess is named Walt) parked his Jaguar in the far corner of the parking lot to avoid any possible dings or dents. Well, one day his co-workers decided to cover it completely in Post-It notes! I think it looks pretty hilarious, so bright and neon. You can't even really tell they are Post-It notes...they did it so evenly and covered everything. I wish my friends and family had this idea instead of the standard shaving cream debacle at my wedding!


scribbit said…
Hi, I've left comments and requested an answer to my request for a link and have received no answer. I can only assume you're not adding links at this time so I have removed your link from my blogroll until further notice.

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