Bestest Blog of the Day: 01/25/2007

The Ice Box
...a review by Starrlight

Today's Bestest Blog of The Day is The Ice Box brought to us by Desert Songbird who describes herself as a "Work-from-home mother, wife, writer, singer, and all-around jill-of-all-trades coming at you with musings from the desert."

I love the name of this blog. Ice Cream lives in an Ice Box and that is just what this blog reminds me of. 31 Flavors of Blogging Fun.

For a scoop of strawberry, check out her Project 365 to get a daily look at her world. Who knew it rained in the desert like this?

You scoop of chunky monkey comes with a sports report on Desert's beloved Colts.

For a scoop of Mint Chip, take a peek at the many weekly carnivals and meme that Desert participates in, such as the latest
Thursday Thirteen ?

And if you are looking for a scoop of Rocky Road, look no further than The Wickedness Fine to see just what you will be paying!

The Ice Box has something to offer in all 31 Flavors. Head on over and be sure to tell Desert Songbird that Starrlight and The Bestest Blog Of All-Time sent you!


Jonathan said…
Boo to the Colts. How can you root for them in a contest against the town whose collective heart they broke!?
Starrlight said…
Cause she likes the Colts? Freedom of Choice? Free Will? Take your pick.
Sanni said…
YAY! Wonderful choice! =)
Morgen said…
Yay to Desert Songbird!
I'm so happy for her!!!
Starrlight: thanks for the great review and for naming this wonderful Blogger as Bestest Blog Of the Day!

It’s A Blog Eat Blog World
Thoeni said…
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of greetings Luis
bianconero said…
your blog is very very stunning!!
i'm italian. i have got a blog: in my blog there are the forum, the chat,the games.
you go in my blog and you vote please! you do a big please!
Jessie said…
Great pick!
Bond said…
excellent choice Starrlight.. congrat Songbird

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