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Well, we tied the record with 115 new link exchanges again this week! Check em all out in the Recent Additions.

You might notice that I've changed the right sidebar around. Before, it used to be the top 100 blogs sorted by category. Now it's the top 100 blogs sorted by donation amount. The previous order didn't seem fair to those who were pretty generous, but didn't happen to be a personal blog. Remember this order when you are making a donation! For example, a donation of $10.25 will get you significantly higher than a donation of $10.00, since there are so many $10 donations already (#57 though #81).

Here are the blogs that fell out of the Top #100 this week. Remember guys, you can always add to your previous donation! And you still get all the other perks of being premium, except being in the sidebar:
Controlled Chaos, And Another Thing..., meloncutter musings, A Dog A Day, Memoirs of a Gouda


PoEt said…
congrats on the link exchange surge, im glad to be apart of it

Julie said…
Good idea to put them in order of donation! As one of the non-"personal" blogs, I greatly appreciate this!
alphawoman said…
Guess I will have to beef up my donation as I have been bumped to number 30 from number ... oh heck, maybe 13!! Ha! Be looking for my "extra" later today! Definitely effected.

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