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Introducing my awesome new site

UPDATE (6/28): I spent all day taking the code explained below for submitting and voting on the funniest jokes to make it super easy to add new categories whenever I want.

So, I went ahead and added a second category best blogs. I already submitted my own blog, plus I submitted the top 10 premium blogs over to the right, just to get things started. You can submit your own and start voting whenever you want! Again, please leave a comment here if you find any bugs or have any comments. Thanks!
All right, so I've been a little secretive, a little bit on the hush hush as of late. But the good news is that I've been working hard on a new site! Your initial response is hopefully one of sorrow, for you are fearing what will happen to this site. Well, don't worry because my new site will INCORPORATE the ideas and awesomeness of this one, plus add so much more!

The site is called Although it's not …

Body Jewelry is one of the internet's foremost body jewelry websites. When I first read the URL I thought it said "". With an L instead of an R. I think both names are great and would work great as a combo. My friend's brother is really into tattos and body jewelry and it looks really great on him. I wonder if he's ever been to'd be willing to bet that he has been.

If you're like me and body jewelry is a little too much for you personally, but you still support the cause, perhaps a t-shirt would be a better purchase.

New idea?

I think that I had a genius new idea for a web site. Don't worry Bestest Blog fans, because the previous concept of Bestest Blog will be incorporated into an overarching bigger and better idea. I am still reading up on MySQL and PHP, but I am going to try and enlist the help of a few friends if they think the idea is good and get a prototype goin. Stay tuned!

Venetian Blinds

Well, as many of you know, my wife and I just moved into a new house. We had to makes a lot of carpets, new countertops, a new paint job. One thing that we mutually decided didn't need to be changed at all were the venetian blinds in all the bed rooms. They're so simple, yet still look very very nice. They keep out the sun or let it in, whatever you want. Plus, you can get them in just about every color under the rainbow. We're thinking about adding them to the rooms that didn't have them already (bathroom, kitchen, living room).

This has been a sponsored post.

Automated Directory

So, yesterday I ordered on a book about PHP and MySQL. From what I can gather from some preliminary tutorials, this would be an excellent way to automate people adding links to the directory. It's possible that I may be even able to automate checking the reciprocal link for the exchange, as well as alphabetizing and sorting and what not. In any case, it is a great tool to learn for a budding website specialist like myself.

I'd definitely like to make another run at making this site great, but I can't do as much work as I used to (checking and adding by hand 100+ links a week ended up being about 10 hours of work). So, we'll see how it goes...

Lead Management

What is crm? Well, first off, crm stands for customer relationship management. It's the idea in business that if you want to increase your profits you need to maintain a very happy customer base. Companies likes AIMPromote offer crm software (customer relationship management software) to help ease the burden of pacifying a insatiable group of consumers.

AIMPromote is also a leader in lead management (pun intended) and offers a very comprehensive lead management software package. A lead is a term referring to one company or individual referring (or leading) customers to another company. Say you own a mortgage company and you want to pay Joe Blogger $100 for every successful mortgage applicant he sends your way. Well, $100 is a lot of money. It's not enough to do lead tracking by giving new users an optional field to enter their referral. Most users will skip over this optional field. You need a more sophisticated software program to assist in mortgage lead management.…