Venetian Blinds

Well, as many of you know, my wife and I just moved into a new house. We had to makes a lot of carpets, new countertops, a new paint job. One thing that we mutually decided didn't need to be changed at all were the venetian blinds in all the bed rooms. They're so simple, yet still look very very nice. They keep out the sun or let it in, whatever you want. Plus, you can get them in just about every color under the rainbow. We're thinking about adding them to the rooms that didn't have them already (bathroom, kitchen, living room).

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wwjdfkb said…
If you put them everywhere you can still add drapes. I have blinds in every window of my apt. the Kitchen and my front room have drapes as well. because you have blinds you don't need drapes to actually prevent your perv neighbors from peeping.
how is the new place? i didn't realize you guys were moving to an actual house!
Machiavelli said…
wow, what an exciting post. You put blinds up. I can't wait to go buy them.

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