Lead Management

What is crm? Well, first off, crm stands for customer relationship management. It's the idea in business that if you want to increase your profits you need to maintain a very happy customer base. Companies likes AIMPromote offer crm software (customer relationship management software) to help ease the burden of pacifying a insatiable group of consumers.

AIMPromote is also a leader in lead management (pun intended) and offers a very comprehensive lead management software package. A lead is a term referring to one company or individual referring (or leading) customers to another company. Say you own a mortgage company and you want to pay Joe Blogger $100 for every successful mortgage applicant he sends your way. Well, $100 is a lot of money. It's not enough to do lead tracking by giving new users an optional field to enter their referral. Most users will skip over this optional field. You need a more sophisticated software program to assist in mortgage lead management. This again is where AIMPromote fits the bill!

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Even if you, specifically, aren't doing that, Carl certainly is. I don't see why your opinion should be given any more validity than mine.

But, regardless, "I don't like the joke" is not a very good criticism of a comic. No one person should be allowed authority over which jokes end up being posted simply based on whether or not they "like it".

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