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UPDATE (6/28): I spent all day taking the code explained below for submitting and voting on the funniest jokes to make it super easy to add new categories whenever I want.

So, I went ahead and added a second category best blogs. I already submitted my own blog, plus I submitted the top 10 premium blogs over to the right, just to get things started. You can submit your own and start voting whenever you want! Again, please leave a comment here if you find any bugs or have any comments. Thanks!
All right, so I've been a little secretive, a little bit on the hush hush as of late. But the good news is that I've been working hard on a new site! Your initial response is hopefully one of sorrow, for you are fearing what will happen to this site. Well, don't worry because my new site will INCORPORATE the ideas and awesomeness of this one, plus add so much more!

The site is called Although it's not much to look at right now, it is FUNCTIONING on a basic level, so I thought it high time to introduce the concept and get some feedback from my loyal audience.

How it works:
There will be a load of different categories of the form _______est _______ (blankest blank). For example, funniest joke, most embarassing story, best movie of 2007, etc. There will definitely be a category of "best blog of the day" (which is how the new site will incorporate this one). Currently, the only category being tested is "funniest joke," so I will use this in my explanation.

I've described my site as StumbleUpon meets The whole process begins with users submitting the URL to their favorite joke. This could be the web address to some fancy joke collection site, or you could type the joke into your own blog/website and submit that address (the latter option is much preferred).

Then, the voting begins. The system randomly takes you from funny joke to funny joke, allowing you to rate it on a scale from 1 to 5. Also there is a easy button to flag a site if something comes up that is off-topic, pornographic, not loading, etc. You don't have to submit a joke to be able to view them and rate them, but why wouldn't you?? If you host the joke on your own blog, it's free traffic to your site!

In the future, once more categories are implemented, you'll have the option of rating lots of jokes in a row, or you can rate a joke, follow it up with a video, follow that up with a funny news story, etc. and kinda randomly bounce around like that. But for now, it's only jokes (sorry!).

After a certain amount of time, voting will end, and the results will be displayed. So, if your joke is among the most popular, you can count on another big influx of traffic to your site. So, if you do make a submission, you'd be smart to encourage some of your readers to check it out and give you a good vote!

So, if you're ready to submit a joke, you can click here. Or, if you'd rather go right to the voting, you can click here. Like I said, visually the site isn't much to look at right now, but hopefully it is functioning properly.

If you have any questions or comments or suggestions, please leave a comment on this post. In the future, the site will have its own bulletin board, but we're still in the infant stages. I already preloaded a couple of jokes on there


DeadCenter said…
yes... i realized that.. i was trying to get your attention so you would finally add me to the list =P
Starrlight said…
So is 1 the highests or is 5?
Machiavelli said…
sounds stupid. First of all, "blankest blank?" What the hell is that? You went from bestest blog to "blankest blank?" it makes no sense. Secondly, jokes aren't funny. If people want to find stupid jokes they can just google for an infinite amount of dumb jokes that aren't funny. Third, why the hell would anyone vote for joke of the day? No one's going to think, "wow that joke was so good...I'm going to vote for it, it was just so awesome." Fourth, in case you haven't noticed the only reason people come to this site is because every 4th time you click on the next blog button this thing comes up. It's not like you have great content...or even content at all. I say you stick to what's been working or go back to the drawing board.
Malathy said…
I like your blog. I blogged it. Pl read here.
Bobby Griffin said…
Sorry about that Starrlight, 5 is meant to be the highest, but I guess that isn't at all clear. I'll fix that for the next update.

Once I can verify the integrity of the voting and a few other things, I am going to run a big contest. Sunday will be the 1 year anniversary of bestest blog. In honor of that I am going to run a "bestest blog of the year" vote. All blogs that won blog of the day for the past year will be automatically entered. The winner will get a big prize...I'm thinking like $50 and some good publicity, but we shall see.
alphawoman said…
This site was great and you abandoned it more or less. I kept waiting for you to revamp or reinstate your interests here...but it never happened. I think your "loyal audience" has left Bobby. But that's just my opipion. Now, let have pie.
Anonymous said…
Awesome blog,, thanks for sharing this post

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michael james said…
If people want to find stupid jokes they can just google for an infinite amount of dumb jokes that aren't funny.

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