Automated Directory

So, yesterday I ordered on a book about PHP and MySQL. From what I can gather from some preliminary tutorials, this would be an excellent way to automate people adding links to the directory. It's possible that I may be even able to automate checking the reciprocal link for the exchange, as well as alphabetizing and sorting and what not. In any case, it is a great tool to learn for a budding website specialist like myself.

I'd definitely like to make another run at making this site great, but I can't do as much work as I used to (checking and adding by hand 100+ links a week ended up being about 10 hours of work). So, we'll see how it goes...


R2K said…
Hey I am doing a caption contest, please feel free to join!

Dr. A said…
Glad you're going to give it a go. Good luck!
I've been watching my inbox every day for your Feedblitz - finally :)
I think you need to have your own website hosted up somewhere in order to use PHP and MySQL, plus Blogger/Wordpress plugins. I wanted to do that to my site, but I didn't see the point of doing it since I don't really need them. Not only that, I don't even know how they are used! Lol!

Good luck in learning them up! =)
You do a great job with your blog. I just added a column feature with Dr Sidney Wang, the betta who mysteriously dispenses wisdom and advice. Check out the auto-question feature on my top left side nav...what do you think? Hokey or nifty?
Machiavelli said…
good idea. I would make your job a lot easier to automate it with some kind of human oversight.

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