2 months later....

So, it's been 2 months since I officially announced the inception of "Premium Blogs". Since then I've had donations from 63 different sites, totalling $677! And you know what? I haven't had a single person complain and say it was a waste of money...but I have had people write a testimonial on how it was money very well spent. Especially since the inception of the new "Random Blog Button", the premium blogs have seen a huge spike in traffic. As one astute donator commented, it's my job to get them to your site...once they're there, it's your job to keep them around.

So, if you haven't already, please check out the master list of "Premium Blogs" and perhaps considering becoming one yourself.


Peanut said…
hey bobby. the bestest blog of the month link doesn't go to Reel Hollywood, it goes to the bible study blog.
Bobby Griffin said…
thanks peanut...fixed it!
Mistress Regina said…
Had a quick question about Blog Of The Day. Do you give consideration to sites that involve content for adults? I've considered taking part in your paid program; since the free exchange stopped, though, I don't believe I've gotten any traffic from here.
R2K said…
Simply put, once I allow more time to track changes in my hit rate, I will be sending in more money. Bestest blog is my single largest source of hits (better than youtube, myspace, and any other blog out there combined). I estimate that is worth as much as 50 cents a day. That sounds lame, but considering my investment of 10 bucks, less than a month will pass before that is pure profit for me.

Further, since I got addbrite from this web page, I can pay back some of my money in referrals.
Julie said…
"Eastlyn Answers Blogger's Random Blog Questions"

(AKA eastlynthewise.blogspot.com) hasn't been updated since Sept. 1st.

Please replace with me.

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