--If you've noticed the increase in traffic that I've provided your blog...
--If you've found some awesome blogs to read that you would've otherwise never have known existed...
--If you've been "Bestest Blog of the Day"...
--If you've had any positive experience with this blog...

Please tell your story in the comments section here, include a link to your blog, and let new users to the site know exactly why I call this "The Bestest Blog of All-Time."


Kevin said…
My blog was only receiving maybe 2 or 3 hits a day. Since participating in the Link-Exchange Program, I'm now receiving between 20 and 30 hits a day.

I've also found several new blogs to read. I've often wished there was some sort of search engine or listing of the blogs that are out there. I like the way Bestest Blog has all the blogs separated into categories. And with the appearance of new blogs on the sidebar everyday, each visit to Bestest Blog always yields something new.

So...thanks Bestest Blog. Thanks for having a "so crazy it just might work" idea and putting it into place.

Humble Tidbits of Vacuity
Woozie said…

I don't know if people are dropping by The Tome of Communism via bestest, since people never say, but I have noticed about 6, maybe 7 new people coming by. I don't know about new hits, I don't keep track of that stuff. But the PageRank did go up, a boost to my ego.

And this is the Bestest Blog of All-Time because it is. It needs no explanation.
CDF said…
Like Kevin, I was only getting 2-5 hits a day. Since I've cross-linked, I'm getting 20 to 30 hits a day, and from all over the world. WOW!!! What started as a "pain-reliever", had turned into a monster, and I couldn't be happier.

I, too have found new blogs to read. The diversity of this forum continually astounds me, not an easy thing to do.

I'm having more fun, and getting more done with this than I ever thought possible, and it's all your fault!!! Keep it up, and I'll keep coming back!!
GISPilot said…
The Bestest Blog has definately made an increase in my web traffic at GIS Sites. Where I've noticed is the increase in Google search hits. My rankings on Google, Yahoo, MSN are starting to rise.
Shan said…
My positive experience with Bestest is the number of cool blogs I have found. The only thing on the internet that's more important than cool blogs is cool bloggers!

"Find" my blog here: www.shan.ca.tf
Morgen said…
Love the increase in readers.
Love the Bestest Blog.

Found a new daily to read:
A Bitter Cup Of Joe

Thanks, Bestest Blog

Now, check out my Blog:
It's A Blog Eat Blog World
at www.morgenfiles.blogspot.com

Blog On!
Nicole said…
Omg I can see who looks at my blog and where they are referred from and all come from bestest blog especially from overseas.

I think bestest blog is great :D
Jubilant said…
Before hooking up with The Bestest Blog of All Tiime we receive maybe 10-20 hits per day. Since then we have been voted Bestest Blog and we are now getting over 100 hits per day. Thanks so much to Bobby for his idea, and the time he puts into making all this possible.


Terry, Stefi & Queenie
A chuisle said…
I am sure that my increase in hits is due to bestest blog, although i've only had a few readers confirm that. Even if I didn't have the increase in hits, this site is great because it provides me with blogs that are fantastic to read and to connect with, as well as great new ideas for my own blog. My goal is to become a bestest blog of the day...maybe someday!!!

Fantastic, fantastic idea. You go, bestest blog!

Paj said…
The Bestest Blog of All Time (BBOAT) has been an awesome place to pimp my blog, yo!

Thanks, for the honor of being one of the first Blogs of the Day


Tortilla Chips and Milk's
Peanut said…
I love all of the blogs that I've found here. Also, I was the only hit to my blog. In 2 or 3 days I had 13 hits!
ian said…
According to my stat counter, my hits have gone up by an average of ten more per day, and likewise my returning visitors.

Bestest Bloggers are not only better readers, but they keep coming back for more. You can see a lot of the blogs I've found on my own bloglinks.

EDog's Everything Page
Stop by and say hello!
Liew said…
Amber said…
Well, I never really knew how many people were visiting my blog. So I can't say that I've noticed an increase, although it's possible.

I do know that I found quite a few blogs that have quickly become sites I visit on a daily basis. I especially love the random button. It filters out the spam sites and sites in other languages.

terra shield said…
Found loads of interesting new blogs to read... thanks!
jbwritergirl said…
Brilliant idea B!!!

It'snot only been fun to see the traffic that now visits, I feel like I've made new friends in the process.

I say we all put our hands together and give you a big hand.

FuzzyJefe said…
My blog is receiving 50% more hits per day thanks to the Bestest Blog of All-Time. What is more, people are stopping to read it, too! They're from far-away places like Egypt and Dubai. Those are places I wouldn't normally get.

The random blog feature has shown me some good-natured blogs, too, instead of the questionable ones I get with Blogger's random blog.

I'm really glad I found your site and exchanged links. I have your RSS feed to stay in touch.

A Brave New Word
Brian said…
I too have seen an increase in traffic after joining the link exchange, especially after being featured as a "Bestest Blog of the Day".

I like the way the Bestest Blog of All-Time is developing. And the fact that more and more pages are joining every day shows that others like it too! I would like an easier way of seeing the more recent blogs that chose to participate.

Intelligent Technology
Confusion Say said…
My traffic has doubled since linking my site to yours. Also people other than my friends have actually commented on it as well since then and that is a first considering my blog has been active since January 2006.
Michelle said…
I've gone from getting maybe 4 or 5 hits a day, and only then, from people hitting 'next blog' when I updated, to... hm, 30-40 hits a day, I think. Pretty good going! Not only that but it's a much more reliable way of happening across random blogs that are actually worth reading than hitting the 'next blog' button over and over and over and over and over again.

So, thank you.... a genius idea!
kavita said…
bestest blog is a gr8 idea, & it really works
Julie said…
I just started by blog 5 days ago. Then the Bestest Blog of All Time chose me for Bestest Blog of the Day. My hit counter went from 365 to 705 in one day! And I have a feeling it will only grow stronger from here, greatly due to the honor! Thanks dude! You rock!
Julie said…
Oops I forgot!

Kri said…
thank u thank u!!! A hundred hits in 3 days for my humble blog...beyond my wildest dreams!!!
Seriously, 'bestest blog' u are!!!
Dancing Petunia said…
Bobby, you are a connector and people are getting connected via your blog. Good job!

I never knew blogging could be so much fun!

I am so glad to have found "The Bestest Blog of All-Time".
Penrick said…
I have noticed the increased traffic already after a few days. I have found some great blogs to read each day and link to.
Andrew said…
In a short time I have noticed several people arriving at my site via Bestest Blog. It's a good deal.
Andre Reutens said…
I share the views and comments of most of the wonderful people here. Visits to my blog have increased 5 fold. Thank you very much.
I've found many cool blogs here.
I have noticed a great change since linking up to your site! My site has gone from about 20 hits a day to at least 50 and one day it had 100 hits. Awesome feeling!

Thank you so much! It is a really great idea and I am hoping to utilize it more, by exchanging links with people on your site.

I have found a couple people who now say they have become a loyal reader, so that is great as well. Plus, I, also, have found a few sites that are "must reads" for me.

Keep up the wonderful work and, as always.....


FoxxFyrre said…
I just wanted to say that I love the bestest blog. I seem to be stopping by a lot just to see what's new. And, I'm not imagining that your site is growing quite fast.
I've only been on tha tlink exchange for a short time, and I've gained more hits in a week than my old web page did in a month! (I just wish they'd comment more--I'm really looking for critiques on my art for improving techique, new ideas etc.)

Your site is great, but I can see that the link exchange list is growing fast. Have you thought about setting up internal links on your page to jump to topic, example

Personal blogs a-m, n-z
Educational blogs a-m, n-z

It would work like a quick menu for your visitors to find things fast

Like the random button too. Any way we could add the button to our pages that would only jump to other bestest blog pages? Right now we have to hit the back button to keep jumping to bestest links. I think it would have the effect of a bestest blog ring?
Just a thought
bye for now
Kim G Randell said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Kim G Randell said…
I thought that I was a voice in the wilderness until I found The Bestest Blog of All Time and linked to it. I've had just one comment so far, but the QUALITY of the comment made the exercise all worthwhile! Do drop by my blog
A Classical Poet of New Zealand
to see. You are all very welcome!
Serena said…
Actually, I have no idea how great a testimonial this is compared to the others, since my blog has no counter and I have no way of knowing how many daily views I get, how many hits, or how far away across the globe these hits are coming from....

but I do know one thing...

before linking to the Bestest Blog of All Time and before being named Blog of the Day, I was getting NO COMMENTS and for all I knew, no traffic. Now, not only often recieve comments on the things I post, but through the site I have come across several other blogs that are interesting, unique and really hold my interest. All around, a win-win situation.

Life is Falling to Pieces: An Illustrated Journal
Andrew said…
I was Bestest Blog of the Day a few weeks ago. This brought an initial rush of interest to my relationship advice site, but even better than that is the steady flow of visitors. sitemeter shows 20 visitors at a time, and it's rare to get a page-full without at least one visitor from the Bestest site. It's a good deal! Thanks!

Andrew McAllister Ph.D.
To Love, Honor and Dismay
Anonymous said…
Dear Bestest Blog,

I have to tell you that my blog, some lightly philosophical, quasi-humorous rantings called L'espirit de L'escalier, has gotten such a bounce from being a premium blog(http://lespiritdescalier.blogspot.com). I work hard to have a high-quality site, and ever since I have participated in the premium blog opportunity through this site, I feel like I am getting the traffic I deserve. Thank YOU!
Phelan said…
Since siging up with bestest blog, I get several more visitors a day, and my google rating is high. I have met several other bloggers through here that I just adore. Thank you.
Peg said…
I stumbled across the Bestest Blog via the 'next' button on blogger when I first started my blog. I soon discovered why Bobby's button is better than bloggers...


I tell you, I have read some of the finest writing on blogs as a participant in the Bestest Blog community.

It's also increased the traffic on my little corner of the blogosphere. And that's real traffic, not just numbers. I get comments from intelligent, well spoken folks, who found me via Bestest Blog.

If you are new to blogging, get in on the Bestest Blog action! You will be thrilled that you did!

Peggy, As She Is
Mimi Lenox said…
Bobby Griffin's Bestest Blog site gave my weblog the boost it needed. The day I made Bestest Blog of the Day (8/23) I had over 500 page views in one day and visits have tripled!!

This is an awesome concept. This site owner works hard and deserves kudos.

I think we should award "Bestest Blog of the Day" to THIS site.

If you want your blog to get noticed and develop an audience,then this is the place to be. Try it!

Mimi Lenox
Dating Profile of the Day
msquared said…
just wanted to let you know how much your blog has helped drive traffic to my Ordinary Adventures of Tomas blog! When I first stared I was getting maybe 16 views a day(if I was lucky) As soon as I linked to your site and shortly there after I got a Best Blog of the Day award my average hits per day rose to about 25 views. Ever since I became a premium blog and your introduction of your random blog button I am now averaging about 35 views a day, yesterday I got 85 views alone. What an improvement from over a month ago!

Thanks Bobby!

Ordinary Adventures of Tomas
Wasting Time
R2K said…
I have always had a low to medium level of hits on my blog. Bestest blog increased my hits slighty when I was first listed among the rank and file of blogs.

Then when I did my own blog review, I gained a short increase over a few days.

After sending in $10 for my 5 blogs (a pretty small donation I think) I have been added to the premium set and have been getting many more "random button" hits to the tune of about 100 hits a day over the 5 blogs. This isnt bad!

I will consider giving more money in the future if this keeps up. I also feel like I now have a reason to promote this blog. The bigger "bestest" gets, the better we do as well.
Barb said…
I added my blog to the premium list and in a little over 2 weeks I've gotten 1100+ hits. This really works =)
Rock said…
My hits went up immediately when I link exchanged, and then skyrocketed when I won Bestest Blog of the Day. I am grateful to Bobby Griffin and I recommend the Bestest site to all bloggers.

Truth—The No Spin Politically Incorrect Zone

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