Bestest Blog of the Day: 08/24/2006

Dr. Blogstein
This pick comes to us courtesy of guest blogger Alex from R2K.
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Dr. Blogstein, found in the funny blogs section, is likely almost too funny for the category. Not to take away from any other blog, but it is really just that good. The blogosphere is full of strange and sarcastic pages (mine for example) but few are actually consistently funny and clever. There is a strong feeling of community and many ways that the reader can get involved in the fun. This is one key to a successful blog. You can send Dr. B an email, leave a comment, or even offer him something funny you have found online. The best way to show off this page is with a sample of Dr. B's work:

Reader questions:
Tammy Nguyen asks: "I think you're very funny and very clever. Do you write your own stuff?"
No, Tammy, I have a staff of 35 researchers and 15 writers who work together to struggle to produce 2 or 3 posts a week.

evanfleischer1 asks: (and I swear I'm not making this up!) "What type of doctor are you, because it hurts when I pee."
This sounds serious. We may have to amputate.
Or, in an older post, when Lance Bass declared he was gay, Dr. B. added "In other news, the Earth is round."

Rather than ruin the rest of his jokes, I suggest that you go and check it out for yourself and let Dr. B know that Bestest Blog (and Alex from R2K) sent ya!


Miudinha® said…
Hi there!
I thought your blog really different and nice!
Hope make lot of success like yours!
Take care!
Hugs from Brazil

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