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-Dating Profile of the Day: Mimi's spoofy blog of dating profiles gone awry! Hilarious mishaps of love and romance.
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-The Laughorist: A blog that combines literary wit with low-brow crassness plus a link to a great online store!
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-The Wonderful World of Nothing Worthwhile
-Theory of Thought

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-Acting the Fool
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-Baby Owls - Go To Bed
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-Basement Epiphanies
-A Beautiful Mess
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-Because Scientists Are Funnier Than You Are
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-Bobbarama: A witty, insightful and fun blog combining personal experiences and occasionally off-the-wall takes on life
-Bob's Odder Blog
-But Wait, There's More
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-Cheap Dirt, no brain, no pain
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-Dating Profile of the Day : Mimi's spoofy blog of dating profiles gone awry! Hilarious mishaps of love and romance.
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-Life on Planet Jim
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  • At 5:46 AM, said…

    Oh dear. Why my blog is being strikethrough?

  • At 11:44 PM, said…

    Why is my blog, existence is futile, struck through also? I have the link to your site still up. As far as I know my content isn't adult. What's the issue? Can you drop me a comment and let me know?

  • At 2:45 PM, said…

    You guys a struck through blog means you've already seen that one, it say that at the top.

  • At 5:54 AM, said…

    Already seen what one?

  • At 12:40 PM, said…

    The one that's struck through. If you see a struck through blog, you've already been to that address.

  • At 2:10 AM, said…

    I'm so noob. Which address you were referring? I'm kinda of blur with that statement. Sorry.

  • At 2:45 PM, said…

    Lol, you're not a noob. I'm talking about the url address, like when you type in google.com the address for that website is Google.com. If a blog is struck through on this list you have already been there. I guess Bobby did this so you could keep track of what blogs you have visited and which ones you haven't seen this.

  • At 11:57 PM, said…

    I understand the part where you type google.com but about the struck through, Bobby was exactly referring to been where is where?

  • At 2:01 AM, said…

    Dude: If you see an un-struck through blog you have never been to that blog. If you click on that link, and then go back to the list later, that blog will be struck through because YOU HAVE BEEN TO THAT BLOG. I don't know how I can make it any clearer.

  • At 3:18 AM, said…

    Do u mean when i click on some people's blog, it stroke through? I think i understand what you mean. Thanks, king.

  • At 10:45 PM, said…

    You got it! Success!! Sorry if I was mean.

  • At 9:06 PM, said…

    CrimsonKing, I believe you were the model of restraint & patience.

  • At 6:20 PM, said…

    Wow, thanks. But what I'm really for is to say:
    Bobby could you please change my blog, The Amityville Blog, to personal blogs instead of funny blogs?

  • At 2:37 PM, said…

    hi this is ben

    can u please link my site

    and put them in entertainment category


    i have linked your site to my site


  • At 12:27 AM, said…

    hello. ive commented like 3 times asking you to link my blog, because i have linked yours. im gonna check again tomorrow to see if youve linked it and if you havent i will remove your blog from my site. again my blog url is: http://strangenewspostings.blogspot.com/
    thanks again.

  • At 10:36 PM, said…

    You haven't added my blog yet. jokevault.blogspot.com If you don't add it by the 27th of December I'll remove the link from my blog and remove your site from my http://joke-swicki.eurekster.com/ search engine. Its there under blog.

  • At 1:56 PM, said…

  • At 6:25 AM, said…

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    But you'd better take a look here to find a really DIFFERENT dating site.
    Looks amazing, agree? :-)
    You can also find my pics and more about me on my page www.livedatesearch.com/jessica
    Read more about me or drop me a message from there.

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