Bestest Blog of the Day: 08/19/2006

More Cowbell
Alright, back to our regularly schedule program... Welcome to our first edition of "Premium Saturdays." It's just like the rest of my daily picks, except only "Premium Blogs" are eligible.

Today's winning blogger is Justin, a medical student at THE Ohio State University. First of all, you lot could learn a bit from Justin. I'm not talking about medical tidbits, no no no...I'm talking about the fact that if you reference a classic SNL skit in your blog's title, you've already got my attention!

Justin preaches that his blog is designed for those people out there clicking the "Next Blog" button (or in the case of this site, the "Random Blog" button). This is because he posts about a wide-range of topics such as business, politics, and entertainment. One thing all his posts do have in common though is they're well-written and informative...not just a bunch of hastily thrown together nonsense like I tend to see in some blogs. Justin has just already reached 100 posts in about 4 months (that's almost a post a day if you're doing the math!). So I'm sure we'll be seeing lots more quality posts in the near future--in fact, I'm counting on it!

So, please head on over and check out Justin's premium content at "More Cowbell" and tell him that Bobby sent ya!


Lizza said…
I'll say it again: Congratulations, Justin!

I agree with Bobby. Justin's posts are informative. But he's not above engaging in a bit of silliness sometimes. :-)
Doris Leung said…
haha good post~~

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