Becoming "Bestest Blog of the Month" for September

Yep. It's that time of the month again. The time when the rights to become "Bestest Blog of the Month" are up for bids again. Click here to check out the EBay auction. The bidding starts at only a penny!

Also, this month I've added a little extra incentive to be the winning bidder. It involves a tie-in with the new "Premium Blog" feature, as well as our old (but exciting) "Random Blog" button feature. Check out the EBay listing for full details.

If you have any questions, feel free to post a comment here and I'll answer them for you. And if you haven't gotten the chance yet, check out last month's winner, "Irish's Cartoons", who will soon be on his way out to make room for what could be your blog!


VegasFilAmGuy said…
Hi there,

I just started blogging this pastt weekend. I'm curious, how do I market my blogs, my website. I have been reading on the basic stuff, but they are so confusing sometimes. For example, I've been reading about linking...but i'm not quite sure what that exactly means. Do I link words from my blogs to a certain web page? Or do I have a separate section for links? Just things like that...I hope you can help me out...Thanks.
Deborah said…
I'll be honest. I didn't read this entry. I'm just putting up a comment in the hopes that someone will click my name and hopefully not be bored to tears by my ramblings on my blog.
jovial_cynic said…

that's a fun comment, Deborah. It's clever enough for me to go to your blog and read it.

Realistically, good comments can be just as visible as a good review, driving more folks to your site. And since I read your site, here's some feedback:

If you have a solely personal blog, your audience is going to be limited to those that care about you, as opposed to those that care about your content. Content is king, and a consistent theme will attrack an audience interested in that particular theme. Want an audience interested in political issues? Write consistently on political issues. Want an audience interested in cooking? Write consistently on cooking. But a blog on your personal day-to-day activities aren't going to draw folks, because... nobody outside of your personal sphere of influence is going to care.

and now you're 2 cents richer.
OSB said…
This blog is a great idea!

I agree with the third guy's comment. Write about stuff outside of your personal life...but try to stay away from opinion pieces. For example, write about a place that you visit, what you can see, do there, etc. People will find your blog when they are googling that type of info.

Or something like that.

Or you could just post pictures of naked women. That always helps.

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