The next featured blog of the week!

Time is running out for you to become the next featured blog of the week. Remember how it works...the largest premium blog donation of the week is entitled to double hits from the Random Blog button as well as that nice big link that you see in the top left. The link itself has been getting about 20 clicks per day, but the number of extra random blog visitors is well into the hundreds.

Currently this week's highest donation is $87. Time runs out when I finish doing my updates (sometime on Sunday). Thanks and good luck!


brentandtimmy said…

This is Brent and Timmy from The Brent and Timmy Live New Year's Show

We have searched high and low for money to send you.

All we found was 37 cents in between the couch cushions.

Can we just mail you the cash, or should we send it electronically?

~Brent and Timmy
Anonymous said…
I have sold my house and car and I am sending you all the proceeds - will I really get 20 extra hits a day??? Thats fantastic!

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