Well, I finished the updates for this weekend. 115 NEW BLOGS TO CHECK OUT IN THE RECENT ADDITIONS! That shatters the previous record of 75 new blogs in a single week. Thanks so much to everyone who joined up! We also had 8 new premium blog donations as well as a few re-donators. Thank you so much for your generosity. Enjoy your upped traffic!

Here are the blogs that fell out of the top #100 premium blogs. This doesn't affect your hits from the "Random Blog" button, but could affect your direct click-throughs and Google search engine ranking. Remember, you can always add to your previous total to get back in the top 100.
Small & Big, Mascaline Visions 4.0, Heroines and Heroes (Blogger Poem), Tricia's Musings, Odd Planet, Breath of Life Photography, As the Garden Grows, Ramblings of an Undisturbed Mind, Vicepost: All the Good Things In Life


Hi Bobby!

I've recently started a new blog - Amazingly Bizarre, and would like to exchange links with you.

I've linked to you.


Chris said…
Hi Bobby,

Thanks for the linkage, the extra hits are rolling in already.

Hang in there ;-)

PoEt said…

i'm from blogaboutyourblog and i was wondering if there was a good way to contact you?

if you dont mind please email me at ff_n_stuff@yahoo.com

Head Honcho said…
Hey I read that premium blogs could have 100 character descriptions...how do I go about getting that to you?

Chris said…
OK, I've been 'premium' for a little over 12 hours & my traffic has doubled :-)

Thanks again Bobby!
Cait said…
I found http://Classicpdf.blogspot.com. Charity stuff and they're selling classic lit e-books 25 for $4 as a fundraiser.
Jane said…
I am honored to be added to your list. I look forward to visiting here often and reading some GREAT blogs!
SWF41 said…
I still can't get the "random blog" button on the top of my blog. It's still there with the rest of my links. Oh well...guess it doesn't matter.

Thanks for adding me to your lists.

Sanni said…
YAY! A warm welcome to those blog-hosts who have been added recently - welcome to the Club =)

Have FUN!
dragon51188 said…
Re-donations? Don't you mean rent? *scam* Don't get me wrong, I still think your blog's stupid, it's just where the next blog button took me.
wow! that's a fantastic score!

by the way, the new method of post submission is an excellent idea. it's faster, simpler, more comvenient, and avoids scam too!
Anonymous said…
Bluegrassbaobab here. How do a I actually know when my site will be an addition. Do I have to come back here and check out the Recent Additions.
Bobby Griffin said…
all updates are done on the weekend, and when I make them, I always do a post similar to this one, letting you know about it

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