Rerun Monday: 01/01/2007

A Day in the Life...
This pick comes to us from guest blogger Alessia from "Waiting, Wishing..." Please do support our guest bloggers and check out their blog as well as the winning blog. Side note, this choice is interesting since it is about a teacher...seems like one I would have picked anyway given my current state of mind :-)
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If you like reading teaching anecdotes told with lots of humor, as well as other funny stories, A Day in the Life is the blog you need to read! (Or should I say, the garden you need to visit?)

She is an excellent "gardener" (blogger), and as such, always has "fresh flowers" (recent posts). There's a new bloom nearly every day. It's a beautiful garden, I personally enjoy blogs with an interesting template, it highlights the content and makes you want to read more.

Quilldancer teaches in a school as well as a Sunday-school class, and always has interesting stories to tell about the children, and even better, parents. The class pets vs. parent episode is hilarious.

She also gets confused with employees in Walmart, with hilarious outcomes. She loves teaching, she loves her students, and her students love her, too. She asked them to "grade" her as a teacher, and the lowest grade she got on her report card was a B+. She also has a "Wordless Wednsday", where she posts funny pictures and videos.

So if you haven't already, go to Quilldancer's Garden and if you like it, leave a "bouquet" (comment). Tell her that Bestest Blog and Alessia sent you!


Doug said…
Good for you, Alessia. A Day in the life is one of my favoritest.
QuillDancer said…
Doug -- thank you. I am rather fond of your place, too.

Hey Alessia! Thanks! You, too, Bobby.

And to all -- Happy 2007.
Alessia said…
Wow that was awhile ago-- and guess what? It's still one of my favorite blogs :)
Keep up the good work Quilldancer :)

PS: I've been less active with my blogging recently, but I'm getting back at it.

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