New Guest Blogger!

I'd like to take this time to recognize my newest guest blogger! Starrlight from "Here Comes a Storm in the Form of a Girl" will be joining us for (at least) the next 4 Wednesdays and doing a review for the blog of her choosing!

I am also looking for at least one other guest blogger. I have a few candidates in mind already, but if you are interested in driving hundreds of visitors to your favorite blogs (other than your own), write me an email at Currently, I am only considering premium blogs and/or former blogs of the day. Sorry if this doesn't describe you!


Santosh said…
Hello i am done with your link
As you comment in my blog that u cant see ur link

But please can you tell me where is my link?
Michael Sync said…
it would be great if you please review my blog too..
Starrlight said…
Looking forward to this! Thanks for the vote of confidence, Bobby =)
trantung said…
I also want to join, here is my link:
kinky said…
Nice blog indeed...the best ã?
Jessie said…
This is a great pick for guest blogger!!!
Starrlight said…
Thanks Jessie. I already emailed Bobby with my first couple of choices. I am looking forward to this!
Desert Songbird said…
This should be good -- looking forward to it, Starrlight!

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