How Much I've Made [PPP]

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So, Pay Per Post is paying me to tell you how much I've been paid. Well, first things first, I'm being paid $10 simply to write this post. Being a math guy, I thought I'd compile all the relevant info into an easy to read list:
Sign-up date: October 8th
Days since sign-up: 97
PPP opportunities taken: 151
Opps per day: 1.35
Have been paid: $922.14
Pending payments: $326.52
Total payments: $1248.66
Money per post: $8.27
Money per day: $12.87
Money per week: $90.09
Money per month: $398.97

That's pretty good! I never saw all those numbers myself. It makes me like Pay Per Post even more. Now, I've made more than that in Premium Donations, but man I work really hard for those! Hahaha, doing PayPerPost is so simple compared to that. If I had kept a stop watch going and had recorded all the time it took me to make that $1248.66, I bet it would work out to a ridiculous amount per hour. Where as I'm not sure if I've even earned minimum wage from my donations. But that's ok, I love doing this blog!

If you're tardy to the party, why not get started today? Click the link in my left sidebar and earn me some referral fees on your way to sign up to get paid to blog!


Rogers Market said…
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payperpost experience said…
I actually DID time some of my posting time, and this is what I found out...

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