Another week of updates complete

Hey guys, just finished up with this week's updates. Not too bad considering it was the holidays and traffic in general was down a bit with people keeping a little bit busier than normal. 36 new blogs that can all be seen in the Recent Additions. At least one of them I am already sure I am going to give "Bestest Blog of the Day" to in the upcoming week.

Also added a tab for the "Bestest Blog Carnival" in the left sidebar. An easy place to find current and previous carnivals and to see what's coming up.

In you haven't read the major improvement I made about the Random Blog Button, then scroll down a couple posts and read it. It's a big deal and will greatly improve everyone's surfing!

And finally, here are the premium blogs that fell out of the top 100 and therefore their link is off the sidebar. Sorry guys: This S#%t Drives Me Crazy!!!, Peanut, Peanut Butter...Jelly!, The Tome of Communism, A World of Bloggers, R2K


Orhan Kahn said…
Happy Merry Joy Time 2007!
R2K said…
Good work good work : )
BaileyGal said…
Hey...great site...good thinking!

Here's my blog:

Best to put it in the personal section. I have also put a link to your site on my page.

Happy New Year!!!!
Woozie said…
Hey, was using the random blog button and ended at your site. I just added you to mine.

here is my blog and it is a personal blog.

Mohamed said…
I hope one day to be choosen as the bestest blog of all.

Oh, sorry, I mean my blog not me ;)
Anonymous said…
Visit and rate my blog at:
Sanni said…
Thanks a lot!

Happy New Year to you and yours from Duisburg, Germany! Have a blast - wishing all the best for you in 2007!
Diana said…
Hey Bob. I just wanted to thank you again for doing this and also to let you know that I love the random button! I'm definitely getting hits on my blog from it.:)

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