100+ Updates again!

I made a post with a similar title yesterday, only difference is it had a question mark on the end. Yep, it's true, I exchanged links with over 100 blogs again this week. 112 to be exact...just short of last week's record of 115. That makes 227 links in 2007 so far...extrapolate that to 12 months and it works out to 5448 links! Yikes! Check them all out in the Recent Additions.

Another noteworthy event is that I eclipsed $3000 total in donations...I'm up to $3,018.00! Thanks to the 140 of you who have made a donation (by the way, that works out to $21.56 per person!). I don't think I've heard a single complaint about wasted money...the only complaints I've heard is people saying they wish they could afford to donate more because the traffic is so awesome! If you'd like to join these 140 bloggers in getting a ton of extra traffic, click here to read all the details!


Lisa said…
This is a very cool thing you're doing here! Thank you so much!!
Peg said…
Thanks for updating me, Bobby!

Frank said…
I signed in to pay-per-post 5 days ago and the status of my blog is still ''pending''.

Is it normal or should I start panicking? :)
Bobby Griffin said…
Don't panic Frank. This is pretty normal, especially when 2 of those days are part of the weekend! Trust me, they're worth the wait!
Frank said…
Well you were absolutely right :) I got accepted today.

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