Bestest Blog Carnival -- Edition 1.1

Welcome to the first ever edition of the Bestest Blog Carnival! For the inaugural version, I think it's been wildly successful...we had 44 different submissions, thanks to everyone who participated! So grab a chair and a snack and get ready to read! I tried to split all the posts into different categories for your reading pleasure, here they are: Personal, Serious, Funny, Political, Internet, Sports.

If you participated in the carnival (or even if you didn't) I ask that you make a post on your blog directing your readers to come check the carnival out! That way they could see what you wrote about, as well as what everyone else wrote about. And if you do get some good traffic and have a good experience, please consider supporting the site and making a Premium Blog doantion.

Finally, the next carnival will be held on December 27th. The deadline for submission is 11:59PM on Dec. 24th. This carnival will be themed. The theme is "family." Send your submissions to whenever you're ready! Remember, before you can join the carnival, you have to join the link exchange.

Now without further adieu...

Personal Posts...the classic blog entry
Barb from Skittles' Place shares with us some of her Fond Memories of spending time with Grandma and Granddaddy as a child.

Julie from Flip This Body in her effort to lose 60 pounds and "flip" her body images, shares with us the 12 Diet Foods I Can't Flip Without!

Bee from Muffin53 has a post about A Date in Podunk that she says illustrates one of the "quintessential" reasons she is in love!

Gem has an entertaining post about fashion called "The Devil Wears Cape Dresses". Are Amish fashions to become the next big fashion trend?

Meloncutter has a list of the Things You Just Can't Beat a post he made especially for this carnival, since he claims he didn't have a single other "family friendly" post!

Kiyotoe from The Dragon writes a letter to a younger version of himself to let him know What I Know Now.

Jamieson from I Am the Hunter is Thinking About Past People and how people he didn't much care for (like his poopyhead ex-girlfriend and elementary school teacher) did have a lasting effect on his life.

Jana has a "Three in One" blog post. Why? They are Mini Blog Entries! (Yes-with-an-exclamation-mark), that weren't long enough for their own post. Read about stop smoking ads, the Pussycat Dolls, and a new haircut.

Masg tells us about The Creep Who Came to Visit and do some work on their house. Yikes!

Mommy the Maid has an adorable post with pictures about how making Gingerbread Men with her kids made her a very happy mom!

Twyla from Lost in the Battle creates the soundtrack of her life, choosing different songs to correspond to different chapters of her life, entitled "Songs of Your Life"

Kevin from Humble Tidbits of Vacuity has a rant about the Breakfast program at his son's school. He comes to the conclusion that compulsory breakfast is not the answer!

Pickled Eel has a post entitled "Love Lost in District 4," in which he shares his experiences visiting in Vietnam and the interesting people he met along the way.

Photoshopphlake has a breath-taking photograph of Niagara-on-the-lake at Night

Serious Posts...
Alphawoman from Just a Hippie Gypsy opens up and tells us about her experience as her mother had bypass surgery, entitled "My Mothers Hands."

Mimi from Mimi Writes, on the eve of her wildly successful BlogBlast for Peace project, writes of how her the memory of her grandfather unconsciously influenced her.

Sanni from Coffee 2 Go is thinking of peace as well on her Thoughtful Friday

Desert Songbird from The Ice Box has a post in honor of her deceased mother on what would have been her 82nd birthday. Her mother "Lived in Tears, and Ended with Peace." (It seems "Peace" is the unknowingly semi-theme of this section.)

Asara's Mental Meanderings get very personal as she speaks about her being put up for Adoption and now, 28 years later, trying to locate her birth parents.

Jessie from Who Are We shares with us The Beginning of her blog "Who Are We" which came at a traumatic point in her life when she needed to find and redefine herself.

Peanut has a post urging her readers to Light a Candle in protest of online child abuse.

Bond invites us to sit on the Big Leather Couch and listen to his tribute to Uncle Wade - Father, Husband, Fraternity Brother, Friend, a touching memorial to a college buddy who made a difference in his life.

Funny personal favorite
Dr. Blogstein submits his 3rd edition of "Banned by Blogstein", where he chronicles things he eliminates to make the world less annoying. This time around, among other things, skimpy shirts with writing across the chest.

Morgen from It's a Blog Eat Blog World has a collection of his top 12 halloween costumes. These are hilarious photoshop jobs of Morgen into various hilarious costumes!

Antichrist from Antichrist & Minotaur Man submits his Warning of the Week, an empirical (and hilarious) study about the dangers of the new video game console.

We take a peek inside Daniel Thompson and his Junk Drawer of Thought to learn about one of his Peeves: pet peeves. Confused? Go and read this then!

Starbender from This S#%t drives me CRAZY!!! posts ANOTHER hilarious video, this time of the very funny (yet extremely lethal) Ninja Baby!

Colin from Superheroes Do Exist asks the eternal question: "What is it with Short Girls and Tall Guys?"...a funny journey into the importance of height.

Starrlight form Here Comes a Storm in the Form of a Girl does her best Mrs. Robinson impressions and shares with us the Top 13 young Hollywood studs she wouldn't mind having a private screening with (if you know what I mean!)

Woozie from The Tome of Communism uncharacteristically writes a poem called "Wacky Woozie"...go have a read, it's kinda...nauuuughty...

Shan shares with us a post entitled "The Hate Game (Rated M for Mature)" that explains why he hates that blasted Sudoku game that has become so popular lately!

Jeff has a hilarious post about what might happen if the Starship Enterprise (Captain Kirk, Dr. Spock, et al) through a wormhole travelled back to the early 21st century...special guest appearance by Kevin Bacon!

Political Posts...
Heather from Beautiful British Columbia has a very interesting post about her experiences with the Congressional Medal of Honor...from unknowingly moving next door to a recipient to attending the inauguration ceremony in Washnington, D.C. in 2005.

Sunni Kay from Rantings, Ramblings, and Other Miscellaneous Stuff asks the question "Is it worth the sacrifice?" in regards to limiting free speech in the efforts of fighting terrorism.

Zorak163 from Grasshopper Ramblings asks another good question "When Has Your Debt to Society Been Paid?" about when people who have committed illegal infractions should be able to be forgiven and start clean.

Simon from The Secret of Life has an intellectual post called "Thinking Outside the Illusion", where he discusses his thoughts and interpretations of a recent Time Magazine article "God vs. Science."

Sudiegirl from Musings of a Chick thinks she spies some Love and Laughter in the Beltway...a romance in bloom between George W. Bush and future speaker of the house Nancy Pelosi.

Miriam of Miriam's Ideas, a Jewish woman, explains to us why Jews don't want to run the world any more.

Internet Related Posts...
Chris from Thermal shares with us some tips for if you "Want To Get Your Blog Seen?" One of which is signing up with my site...thanks Chris!

Over at Monetize Your Blog there is a helpful post about a List of Blog Directories to help increase your exposure and traffic. Unlike Chris above, my site is not listed as one...ouch diss (though he did later mention me here).

LJP from SaveSaveSave tells of her Nightmare on Web Street brought on by her difficulties with CSS and HTML!

Leon explains to us the idea of Speedlinking, what it is, how it works, and how it can benefit the blogging world.

Sports Posts...this time around, it's all about cricket!
Pauly from Cricket 2006/2007 says Goodbye Damien to an international cricket player whose career ended unexpectedly early.

Ugyen from Bhutan Cricket Weblog has another cricket post about an Under-15 School Cricket Tournament. Apparently kids like cricket too!


zorak163 said…
Awesome stuff! Thanks for taking the time to organize this (and I'm still very interested in helping out in the future). I'm off now to read each of these posts and to put a blurb about it on my blog.
Starrlight said…
Bobby this is AWESOME! Nice job!
Kiyotoe said…
uh oh Bobby....The Dragon is a he, a dude man, a dude.

Sorry if I mislead you. lol.

Now i feel like i'd better go back and read through my old stuff.
Bobby Griffin said…
Kiyotoe! My bad man, sorry, I know you are a man! I mean in the first paragraph it says your transition from boy to man. I read most if not all of it! Chalk it up to being overworked, between adding 75 new blogs yesterday and all this today...yikes! I have gone and fixed it, sorry for any insecurities I may have caused :-(
Kiyotoe said…
Nah Bobby, no biggie. Just didn't want any guys asking for a date or anything (I know how charming I can be) :)

seriously though, don't worry about it. I just appreciate being able to participate.

Chris said…
Thanks for the include Bobby, I'll write up the post now.

In fairness to Brett at Monetize.. he did actually give you a whole post all to yourself, he just submitted a different one to the carnival ;-)

Thanks for all you do to help us smaller bloggers (mini bloggers? micro bloggers? bloggers of restricted readership?)
Desert Songbird said…
Bobby, you rock dude.

Thanks for including me in this.
Dr. A said…
Great job! Nice layout. Easy to pick things out. And, I like your commentary to bring things together.

Take note future BBC hosts! This is how is should be done. Now, off to reading...
jana said…
Aww.. cool. I'm in there.

Thanks Bobby.

Lotsa love, Jana
Julie said…
Awesome! This will definitely help my "blurfing" activity. Great job Bob!
Julie said…
You know, Bobby, you should get a cool logo/banner for the blog. Maybe make it a contest for your readers, with Premium Blog credits as a prize? Gotta work that branding if you're ever going to get to The Today Show! ;-)
Starrlight said…
Oh yeah, I'd add a bannner link to you no problemo. Someone with skillz go make one :P
Skittles said…
Great job.. well done!
Shan said…
44? With all due respect, that seems a little low to me, considering how many affiliates/visitors you have. I guess people are busy with the holidays.

Great work putting this together.
Jessie said…
Bobby you have done a great job! Thanks for doing this. It's been fun visiting the blogs.
Orhan Kahn said…
Good luck to everyone involved!
Skittles said…
psst... "Premium Blog doantion." Notice anything wrong there? :)
Asara said…
Thank you!! I really appreciate the extra linkage :) I plan on doing an update post soon.. maybe :) Darn holidays are taking away my blog time!
ugyen said…
Awesome stuff..thanks for listing my post, .. As for second Carnival, can i still post my about cricket though it say "family" just confused!!!
ugyen (a collection of Blog)
Bobby, I devote two whole posts (here and here) to your blog, and you still think I am diss'ing you? :)
Bobby Griffin said…
lol, sorry man, I'm just joking around! You've been very good to me...I had very similar back to back posts, one that mentioned me, one that didn't...I saw an opportunity for a cheap joke! No disrepect.
Daniel Thompson said…
Great carnival, Bobby.

I was wondering about the family theme for the next carnival. I was planning on writing a post on the viol (type of musical instrument, not a last name) family. Could something like that be included, or does the post have to be about people families?
Bobby Griffin said…
Hey Daniel,

Thanks for the props. I was very vague about the theme for a reason, I think your interpretation of family is a great one and I hope you do submit a post on that!
Nice blog..lets see my blog
Bond said…

What fun.. I have hit about half the blogs so far...

Found some very cool new blogs and read some things that i had never read on blogs I visit daily.

Gave my readers a heads up on Friday and also today before the beginning of the MONDAY MATINEE... a bit of a twisted story today for all the twisted souls out there.
Morgen said…
Bobby, thanks for including me (and my many photoshopped incarnations) in your Carnival! This is my first attendance at one, and am very interested in hosting one in the future.
(after the first of the year when I hope my sanity semi-returns!)
Congrats on the Carnival!
your devoted bloggee,
Woozie said…
Hey this is pretty neat, and I think I already have a bit of a tearjerker for the next carnival too!
_ ANEW _ said…
This was a fun surprise to find!
And the tons of links to other blogs
kept me busy for a long time :)

Michael F.T.F.
Hey Bobby, great job...this is going to take a lot of rainy day reading! Looks very interesting.

I sent you an email asking for a couple of changes....hope you received it... but here are the corrections, just in case..... our recipient friend isn't former - he's current! And, the Inauguration was in Washington DC, not Boston....

Hey Bobby, great job...this is going to take a lot of rainy day reading! Looks very interesting.

I sent you an email asking for a couple of changes....hope you received it... but here are the corrections, just in case..... our recipient friend isn't former - he's current! And, the Inauguration was in Washington DC, not Boston....

Anonymous said…
Bobby, this was a great idea! Thanks for the exposure. And I got to experience at least five blogs I'd never visited before. Props to you!
R2K said…
I love this template !
Fabulous said…
Hi still waiting to be added. Thanks
alphawoman said…
Great idea whoes time had come.
Thanks Bobby. It's perfect now!
Matt said…
Sweet carnival! This was a good idea that turned out very well. I'm just sad that my post didn't make the cut. :(

By the by, when do I get my bestest blog pic? I covet it greatly.
paulyt said…
This is awesome. I'm glad I participated. Your blog carnival has the privilege of being my only non-cricket post.
y2kjobs said…
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y2kjobs said…
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