The end of the month can only mean one thing...

Time to open up the bidding for your rights to be named "Bestest Blog of the Month" for December 2006. The eBay auction starts at only a penny with no reserve! You get a nice big link at the top of my PR5 blog with a short description to with it. PLUS, for each dollar in your winning bid, I'll apply that towards your showing up in the Random Blog button...and at the end of the month, I'll take 10% of your winning bid and apply it towards becoming a Premium Blog. October's winner was so happy with the results, that he won again in November! However, peaking in at his blog, he's been busy with a new job, so it's doubtful that he'll be going for the win again in it's your chance to steal it away. Again, click here to check out the auction.


Bond said…
Yo Dude.. Never realized we are neighbors..well sort of neighbors.. I am in P.J. right next door (well my family is, I had to move to Memphis for work -- which is why we are sort of neighbors now.)
Stuart Rodgers said…
i linked this site a couple weeks ago, but haven't seen mine linked back yet.

The site is

And it is a potitical/religious one.

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