I'd like to welcome the 22 Recent Additions to join my link exchange; the 4 new Premium Blogs that made a generous donation; and the winning bidder of "Bestest Blog of the Month" Reel Hollywood.

But, we'll have to say goodbye to about 50 blogs that hadn't been updated in over a month. If you helped me find these, I thank you (especially Ian, Morgen, and Julie)! If you'd like to help me in the future, you can earn some traffic in the process. I'm glad I finally got around to updating this, it vastly improves the "Random Blog Button". I was just able to surf about 50 blogs in a row without finding one in violation!


ian said…
I'm no coder, but one of the main problems I see with the "Random Blog Button" as you have it set up right now is that the address bar only puts up the "random blog button" link instead of the link of the blog it surfs to. Could you figure out a way to have the random blog button floating in its own window, like a popup? That way readers can still favorite the blogs that they want to keep easily. The other possibility would be to have it in a frame that could be closed like in Google image searches.

Anyway, just a thought. I'm sure there are people out there who could figure this out since I cannot. Keep up the great work!

Stop by and say hello
Bobby Griffin said…
Yeah, Ian, I am already trying to work on that, though for a different reason. I was surfing through, looking for blogs that haven't been updated and I found one. So I was like, what the F is its URL so I can remove it (since it didn't display in the address bar). I'll take a look at Google image search and see if that's the way I might want to adapt it. If you find any other sites that have a similar service implemented in a better way, let me know and I'll see if I can't adapt it to my site here.
Emma said…
Done! Link added.
Julie said…
The blog "About Nothing, But Means Something" at radioastronaut.blogspot.com hasn't posted since July 25th.

Please sub with flipthisbody.blogspot.com.


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