The results are in!

(If you sign up for the following website, please use as your referrer)

A few days ago, I introduced you to the site PayPerPost. Well, I recently had my first post approved for payment, as well as received my first payment via paypal (2 $5.00 referral fees, thanks to Adam and Jessie if you're reading this).

This site is still relatively unknown and the payment offers are still high, varying from $2.50 and up. I could see that if this site becomes a huge hit these offers might go down...but hey, why not get in while the gettin's good?

So, check out PayPerPost and use my email ( as a referrer if you do sign up. Just a reminder, your blog must be at least 90 days old to qualify for this service (they don't want people creating a wave of new blogs just so they can make money, they want ESTABLISHED blogs, which many of you have).


Adam said…
Yea...I mentioned! Go ME!

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