Rerun Sunday: 10/29/2006

It's a Blog Eat Blog World
The whole guest blogger idea was received so well that I decided to make it twice a week, Tuesday and Thursday (otherwise the line would have taken us into October already!). This pick comes to us courtest of Julie from "Flip This Body."
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Morgen, the self-titled “gay gift shop owner” from Michigan, is the author of the hilarious It’s a Blog Eat Blog World, and I proudly nominate him for Bestest Blog of the Day.

First off, Morgen is freakin’ hilarious. Anything that he writes has me chuckling, if not rolling in my cubicle. He is able to take an every day occurrence and turn it into a stand-up comedy routine to rival Jerry Seinfeld.

Morgen’s posts vary in content; from the every-day wackiness of his small town shop visitors to the mating rituals of his pet chickens. He sets a weekly schedule of topics in the sidebar, ranging from “Herbal Soap Stud of the Week” (complete with a studly photo to match the herbal soap he’s featuring at his store) to “Seven Silly Questions Saturday” (he picks a different reader each week to interview with silly questions.)

By far, my favorite posts detail his trip to Egypt, where his flight landed in Cairo on September 11th, 2001. Yes, THAT September 11th. The stories about his trip are really compelling, very often ending in a cliffhanger that finds you logging on the next day to find out what happened. Lost passports, held at gunpoint by Egypt police, blatant come-ons from local men…and this is all before lunch on Day 1! Morgen includes “Extra Egypt” posts to explain specifics of Egyptian culture that are really fascinating (such as the definition of Baksheesh = the tipping that is expected everywhere you go for any service imaginable) and then he links back to these definition posts when mentioning the confusing word in his story, so as not to keep any of his new (or just forgetful) readers in the dark. Very thoughtful!

He LOVES reader comments and feedback, and he does a great job of involving his readers by posting a “Question of the Day.” He really wants to get to know his readers and tries his best to respond to each comment after they are made.

So check out Morgen at "It's a Blog Eat Blog World" and tell him “Bestest Blog” (and Julie from “Flip This Body”) sent you!


Skittles said…
I'm a HUGE fan of morgan's blog. I start my morning there every day.
arjun said…

i liked your blog and its concept verymuch. Would you be intrested in being interviwed. You just have to answere a few of my questions and i will put it on my blog
Ajit Gupta said…
I have added your blog
Bestestblog to my blog role as per your link exchange idea.
You can put my blog in the category
hobbies or Meeting people
Seth said…
Yo I got my link for bestest blog up.
Julie said…
Yay Mo!

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