A record in updates...

There are 45 new blogs, plus 7 new Premium Blogs to check out in the Recent Additions.

Thanks to everyone who joined and donated, and double thanks in your patience while I get those links up. It really is easier to do them all in one shot, which means I don't get a chance to until the weekend. But, hey, I'm worth the wait, right?!


iwiwag said…
Nice blog :)
Frank said…
Thank you for adding my blog. Long life to the bestest blog of all-time! :)
Anonymous said…
Thanx for the link!

Paulo said…
hahahah, your light blue is really annoying when surfing for long periods of time :)

I'd like to link to the Blue Ball Blog too... http://blue-ball-blog.blogspot.com
Barb said…
For those who are pondering the premium blog thing.. It really IS worth it!

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