McDonald's Monopoly Game and Best Buy Bucks

So, I am collecting as many Best Buy Bucks from Mickey D's as I can, in hopes of buying something awesome with them for Christmas. If anyone cares to send me their BestBuyBucks, I will happily give you Premium Blog credits for them, as if they were cash. I do however need you to mail them to me, because I might not make this purchase online. You can contact me for my address at if you are intersted in mailing me your pieces. You cannot have already entered the online code and used them, or else they are worthless now (and I mean, I will found out when they tell me they're worthless and I'll take away your Premium credit).


Janna said…
Ok... Bear with me here, 'cause I'm not quite sure what these "Best Buy" bucks are. Do you mean those little Monopoly-piece things that are stuck to the sides of large drinks and hash browns?
If that's what you mean, hey, you're in luck, 'cause I have about ten I'd be glad to donate. (maybe more, I haven't counted the exact number. They're collecting dust in my wallet even as we speak).
Anyway, let me know if those little game pieces are what you're referring to. If so, give me an address and I'll send you what I've got.
What cash-donation-credit would that translate to?

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