Bestest Blog of the Day: 10/07/2006

This S#%t Drives Me CRAZY!!!
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Starbender's guide to making a successful, enjoyable blog:
(1) Find funny/cool/weird/wacky pictures on the internet
(2) Write a short and witty caption
(3) Repeat

Simple formula, but really great results. I was really impressed with his ability to find these pictures, because I have done my fair share of image hunting and have never run across these particular pictures. Plus, this is the kind of blog idea that could be REALLY successful at first and then slowly phase into nonexistence as it becomes harder to find quality images. But, Starbender has been working on this blog since August 2005. I'd say that posts and images have actually GROWN in frequency and quality.

As I usually like to do with funny blogs like this are highlight a few of my favorites (but feel free to surf the whole site and pick your own favorites). I'll give you the caption, you'll have to click it to see the picture that goes along with it: Come Git the Cheese, Too Pooped To Poop, and Why You Shouldn't Sleep Naked. There are a TON of other pictures to check out though, so if you have some time to waste, this would be a great place to waste it.

So, please visit Starbender at "This S#%t Drives Me CRAZY!!!" and let him know that Bestest Blog sent ya!


laugh said…
superb idea. kewwwl...
Anonymous said…
hey,i love this page.
mm said…
Starbender has a great blog of unusual graphics. SHE is a master of the Photoshop graphics software...

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