Clarifying a bit about "Premium Blogs"

This is for the people who may feel like this whole "Premium Blogs" thing is just a way for me to "cash in." I just want to say that I work really hard researching blogs and adding links and I am just looking to give anyone who wants to say "thanks" a little motivation to do so. Many blogs out there have a place for people who want to donate, but not many of them offer anything more than gratitude in return. Plus, I am not asking for an arm and a leg, I'm asking for 1 dollar. Not a dollar a month, not a dollar a year...a dollar (forever!). If you don't feel I've brought you enough enjoyment for you to give me that dollar, than by all means keep it. You'll notice that throughout the explanation of "Premium Blogs" I referred to the payments as "donations" and never "fees." That's because I want to continually stress the fact that they are optional and won't change your experience if you don't!


Massive Delts said…
I'll give you fifty cents but only if I can pay with the pennies sitting on my nightstand. My dog keeps eating them and I need to get rid of them somehow. Also, since I don't think there is anyway to Paypal pennies to you so you would need to pay me postage.

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