Bestest Blog of the Month Update...

Hey guys, less than 24 hours of bidding left on my eBay auction for "Bestest Blog of the Month" for September. Currently, the auction is about half of what last month's auction ended at ($41), even though this site has grown by leaps and bounds since then (about 300 new blogs have been linked in August). So either this thing's gonna shoot up in the last couple of hours, or someone's gonna have quite the bargain on their hands.

Plus, I've even added some extra incentives to be the winner that weren't offered last month (e.g. Premium Blog tie-in). Check out the eBay listing for full details. Thanks for looking and have a great Sunday!


chumly said…
Links, urls, (sigh), love to post and read other posts but very kindergarden when it comes to computer. I can email though.
starbender said…
U'r link'd.......

a good deal is when

~gnatty~ said…
cool site! you're linked.

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