Bestest Blog of the Day: 08/30/2006

Controlled Chaos
Due to a little mix-up, I didn't run a Guest Blogger yesterday, so here it is today instead! This pick comes to us courtesy of Jessie from Hunna's Happenings.
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With great honor I nominate Rob, the talented photographer and author behind Controlled Chaos for Bestest Blog of the Day!

Rob describes himself as an average guy living in Michigan but I believe he is above average! Rob’s blog highlights his superb photography and insightful writing skills. His photos add power to the words he writes and allows his readers to enter into his everyday world. Rob has taken the time to create an easy to navigate blog with several different sections for his readers to enjoy. Photos range from everyday shots to views from the Eiffel Tower. Favorite Quotes and Gambling Tips come free of charge for each visitor!

Rob even lets readers request photos. I would recommend checking out Quilldancer’s Daisies in the requested photos section. One of my favorite photos is the Artesian Well. Rob’s post titled Why God Let’s Bad Things Happen in his God/Philosophy/Prophecy section is moving.

So go visit Rob at Controlled Chaos and take the time to relax and enjoy his beautiful photos. Make sure to tell him that Bestest Blog sent you and that Jessie from Hunna’s Happenings says to keep up the good work!


Rob said…
Thanks for the nomination and the great review, Jessie! It is very much appreciated!
R2K said…
Best oxymoron blog name :)

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