Introducing...PREMIUM BLOGS!

Ok, so first of all I need to say thank you to everyone who has made this site a huge success...I'm talking to both those who have added a link and those who have visited the links and found new blogs that they loved! Because let's face it, there's no point in having links up if no one's visited them!

The problem I'm faced with now is that there are just simply too many blogs in my sidebar (over 500)! If you've actually made it all the way through the 'Personal Blogs' and onto the other categories, then you are truly a dedicated visitor with a lot of time on your hands. So, I've come up with this Premium Blog idea to help combat this problem...(thanks to one of my sponsors, "Link Experiment," for the partial inspiration on this idea).

Another problem that Premium Blogs also solves is the way I order the blogs. Alphabetical seems so arbitrary and unfair to those with great blogs that start with crappy letters. Also, what makes Personal Blogs so special that they should be at the top?

So, starting August 15th (shortly after I return from my trip), I will be replacing the huge long in my sidebar with the Top 100 Premium Blogs. Don't worry, I'm not just throwing the other links away! Each category will be given it's own, easy to navigate, directory page. To see an example of how this will look, check out the Personal Blogs page.

So, this post was pretty much the "Why?" of Premium check out the "How?" and "What?", click here!


A chuisle said…
hey, thanks for moving my blog to the travel spot. and have a great vacation! come friday, i'm gone too!!! yay for vacations!! :)
R2K said…
Will you still pick from all the blogs for blog of the day and month?

Or will people who pay get a better chance of this, or will only the paying visitors get picked at all?
Bobby Griffin said…
Like I said, every Saturday will be dedicated to the "Premium Blogs"

The only 5 days a week (Mon-Fri) will be fair game for everyone. And as you've seen from many of my previous picks, I don't care if you're small and just starting or whatever. If you have a creative concept and an entertaining blog, I will pick you no matter what.

I can see why you would be scared, but really, I just wanted to think of a way to not have 600 links (and counting) on my front page. Once I had the idea for the "Premium Blogs" I came up with a few more incentives to make it worth people's while.

Plus, I mean, it's only $1.00! It's not breaking anyone's bank! Hahaha
ksreyes said…
No, but it certainly is filling yours!!!!
Ben Myers said…
With no bias, I'd like to suggest some valuable additions to the PREMIUM SELECTION.

1) The Honeyed Mouth

2) It's the Idea

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