Celebrate good times!

My Technorati Rank was finally updated (the first time since I started this blog mid-June) and I've already cracked the top 10,000 (9,041 to be exact). That may not sound TOO impressive, but considering they keep track of 1.4 MILLION blogs, I sure think it is!

Thanks to everyone who has joined and helped me achieve this goal. I've had a lot of positive response from everyone. People who were afraid their blog would just get lost in the list have been surprised at how many visitors have been coming from the "Random Blog >>" button. The "Bestest Blogs of the Day" have been seeing huge support from my readers. Why, yesterday's winner, Woozie from "The Tome of Communism", had a post receive over 100 comments. Granted, many of them were from him replying to other people, but still!

I have a lot more ideas I'd like to implement to help everyone's voice get heard and I hope to put them into effect soon. This template will definitely be changing to something a little more user friendly soon. Be sure to check back and visit daily for our new winners in the meantime!


Dancing Petunia said…
Congratulations, Bobby for hitting the 10,000 mark in such a short time. I am celebrating the good times with you!
Andrew said…
You only started mid-June? That's impressive what you've built up in so short a time. You're going to soon be like that guy on the IBM commercial (if you remember the one I mean) who had to plan ahead for growth and success.

Andrew said…
...oh by the way, I found your site when I was picking off sites as the scrolled by in the "Blogs Updated At" field on Blogger.com. Your site kept showing up. I figured anyone who updated that frequently must have something going on. Turns out I was right.

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