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Friday, June 30, 2006...
Bestest Blog of the Day, June 30th (trial run) [-]
How to become "The Bestest Blog of the Day"
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Ok, I know I said I'd start the "Bestest Blog of the Day" feature on July 1st, but I thought I'd put up a trial version today to work on my formatting and see if anyone has any good suggestions, so here it is (by the way, this is my other blog which I haven't worked on much since the inception of this one, but I'd like to get an idea of how many people will actually go and visit the blog...also I invented the link exchange there, but haven't continued with it, please participate here though).

Billboard Lyrics (http://billboardlyrics.blogspot.com)
If you're into music, you'll be into this blog. Run by Bobby Griffin, he takes a look at the Billboard Music charts, the hottest songs in America, and compiles all the lyrics in one easy location.

One thing I really like about this site, is that Bobby has links to clips of all the songs so you can hear what they sound like. This is useful for a guy like me, because I don't always know the names of the songs I like or who sings them. Plus, he also takes requests!

He also has links up to purchase or download the music on Amazon.com or iTunes, and let's face it if you were going to buy these songs those are the places you'd probably buy them (at least I would).

So go and check it out, and tell him "The Bestest Blog of All-Time" sent you!
posted by Bobby Griffin @ 11:27 AM   8 comments [-]
Friday, June 23, 2006...
Bestest Blog Referral Contest [-]
While I'm gone, I wanna be sure that I have lots of pretty links to come home and add. So, I thought I'd give everyone a little motivation to get out there and tell their friends to link me up! I've developed a points system where you get:

--1 point for every blog you refer
--1 BONUS point if that blog is hosted somewhere other than Blogspot (trying to diversify)
--1 BONUS point if that blog ISN'T a personal blog (again, diversification)

For all referrals, please tell them to leave a comment on this post when they have a link up to me; link exchanges via email will not be accepted for the referral contest (it'd make them too hard to tally up).

Be sure that anyone you refer clearly lists your blog URL and/or title as the referrer (I'm not going to play detective with this.) Now, onto the prizes...!

First place will receive an award of "Bestest Blog of the Day" PLUS a $5.00
posted by Bobby Griffin @ 8:09 AM   5 comments [-]
Thursday, June 01, 2006...
Thank you! [-]
Thanks for joining the "Bestest Blog" link exchange. Your link will soon be viewable by thousands of daily visitors and begin receiving lots of hits from the Random Blog Button (I can almost guarantee it will exceed your expectations)...you'll also be eligible to win "Bestest Blog of the Day!"

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Note that due to the volume of requests we receive, and since backlinks must be checked manually, link updates to this site are performed once a week, usually on the weekend. So, please allow up to a week for us to get your link up! To check when the last update was, check out the Recent Additions.
posted by Bobby Griffin @ 10:34 PM   58 comments [-]
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09/14/2006 -- Peggy, as she is

August 2006:
08/15/2006 -- Digital Traveler
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08/31/2006 -- Bag Wine Ruminations

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07/08/2006 -- Intelligent Technology
07/10/2006 -- Never Too Old to Learn
07/11/2006 -- Bitter Cup of Joe
07/13/2006 -- The Tome of Communism
07/14/2006 -- Life is falling to pieces: an illustrated journal
07/15/2006 -- Tales From Your Local Animal Shelter
07/17/2006 -- The Laughorist
07/18/2006 -- The Limericker
07/19/2006 -- Flip This Body
07/20/2006 -- Anonymous Educator
07/21/2006 -- Spread Your Smile!
07/22/2006 -- Inspirational Wallpapers
07/24/2006 -- Twenty-three and Counting
07/25/2006 -- I've Got a Few Things to Say
07/26/2006 -- A World of Bloggers
07/27/2006 -- Foxxfyrre's Honk 'N Holl'r
07/28/2006 -- To Love, Honor, and Dismay
07/29/2006 -- Clip Frenzy

posted by Bobby Griffin @ 6:45 PM   4 comments [-]
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posted by Bobby Griffin @ 6:36 PM   31 comments [-]
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posted by Bobby Griffin @ 6:19 PM   1 comments [-]
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-People in the Sun
-People, Places, and Things
-Perfect Work in Progress
-The Pestilent Fishbowl
-Philly Transplant
-Pieces of Me
-The Pond
-The Post College Years - Part Two
-Post Secret Knock Off
-Projekt JAREDEE
-Proud to Be a Thinker
-The Proverbial Pie
-Purple Fish Guts
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-Quintessential Aquarius
-Quixotic Chaos
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-The Ramblings of Steve
-Ramblings of the Wasted Life
-Random Acts of Sanity
-Random Encounters of We
-Random Ramblings from Sunny Southern CA
-Random Reflections
-The Rants From Sunnybrook Farm
-Reaching For Da Hope
-reality check, bounce!
-Red, Right, and True
-Red Wine and Cheap Perfume
-Reese's Pieces
-Regenerated Imagination
-Regular Jo
-Renovating the Money Pit
-Retro Girl: Surviving the Suburbs
-Reverberating Dream
-The Road to Ohio
-Robinson K. Boulevard
-Rock, Paper, Scissors, Gun
-Rock the Catblog
-Rogers Bla Bla
-Roll On, Manatee
-Rollie at Friday's Fry
-Ron Bramlett
-Royal Domain
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-Salvation from Circumstance
-Same Woman New Beginnings
-Sarge Charlie
-Save Sheila
-Savvy Sunshine
-scan man's notes
-School: The Truth
-Scorpio's Karma
-Scribble on the Wall
-The Secret Backup Blog
-The Secret Knock
-The secret life of an unknown housewife
-Secrets From the Parlor
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