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Bestest Blog of the Day, June 30th (trial run)

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Ok, I know I said I'd start the "Bestest Blog of the Day" feature on July 1st, but I thought I'd put up a trial version today to work on my formatting and see if anyone has any good suggestions, so here it is (by the way, this is my other blog which I haven't worked on much since the inception of this one, but I'd like to get an idea of how many people will actually go and visit the blog...also I invented the link exchange there, but haven't continued with it, please participate here though).

Billboard Lyrics (
If you're into music, you'll be into this blog. Run by Bobby Griffin, he takes a look at the Billboard Music charts, the hottest songs in America, and compiles all the lyrics in one easy location.

One thing I really like about this site, is that Bobby has links to clips of all the songs so you can hear what th…

Bestest Blog Referral Contest

While I'm gone, I wanna be sure that I have lots of pretty links to come home and add. So, I thought I'd give everyone a little motivation to get out there and tell their friends to link me up! I've developed a points system where you get:

--1 point for every blog you refer
--1 BONUS point if that blog is hosted somewhere other than Blogspot (trying to diversify)
--1 BONUS point if that blog ISN'T a personal blog (again, diversification)

For all referrals, please tell them to leave a comment on this post when they have a link up to me; link exchanges via email will not be accepted for the referral contest (it'd make them too hard to tally up).

Be sure that anyone you refer clearly lists your blog URL and/or title as the referrer (I'm not going to play detective with this.) Now, onto the prizes...!

First place will receive an award of "Bestest Blog of the Day" PLUS a $5.00 ¿Una herramienta potente no? Para ver más ir a

Thank you!

Thanks for joining the "Bestest Blog" link exchange. Your link will soon be viewable by thousands of daily visitors and begin receiving lots of hits from the Random Blog Button (I can almost guarantee it will exceed your expectations)'ll also be eligible to win "Bestest Blog of the Day!"

If you're interested in getting the most out of this site, perhaps you should consider making a donation to become a Premium Blog. Premium blogs receive a lot of benefits including lots of extra hits from the Random Blog Button, being linked in the sidebar on EVERY page of the blog, and more! Plus, you get the warm, fuzzy feeling of helping a poorly paid high school math teacher make some extra money with this blogging endeavour! Click here for all the details!

Note that due to the volume of requests we receive, and since backlinks must be checked manually, link updates to this site are performed once a week, usually on the weekend. So, please allow up to a week fo…

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How does the "Random Blog" button work?

The Random Blog button utilizes a javascript I wrote that chooses at random one of the blogs that I have listed in my directory. To have your blog included in the random blogs and in the sidebar, it's as easy as joining my Link Exchange program. Remember, any random blog this goes to should also have a link back to my site. So if you want to use the button again you can hit the "Back" button on your browser, or simply find the link back to here. So, why is it better?

(1) No pornographic or otherwise offensive material. If you have clicked "Next Blog >>" as much as I have, I know you've stumbled onto quite a few of these, and it always seems to happen as someone is walking by the computer...

(2) No foreign language blogs. I think the culture of other nations is great, though I can't speak much of any language besides English. I do have an entire section devoted to these blogs, but they don't appear in this rotation. Too often I'd be b…

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