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While I'm gone, I wanna be sure that I have lots of pretty links to come home and add. So, I thought I'd give everyone a little motivation to get out there and tell their friends to link me up! I've developed a points system where you get:

--1 point for every blog you refer
--1 BONUS point if that blog is hosted somewhere other than Blogspot (trying to diversify)
--1 BONUS point if that blog ISN'T a personal blog (again, diversification)

For all referrals, please tell them to leave a comment on this post when they have a link up to me; link exchanges via email will not be accepted for the referral contest (it'd make them too hard to tally up).

Be sure that anyone you refer clearly lists your blog URL and/or title as the referrer (I'm not going to play detective with this.) Now, onto the prizes...!

First place will receive an award of "Bestest Blog of the Day" PLUS a $5.00
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