Contest Time!

I am very proud to announce the commencement of voting for "Bestest Blog of the Year.". Not only is this a huge deal for anyone who has followed this site, but it will symbolically mark the transition from Bestest Blog to Blankest Blank!

The process is super simple. There are 105 blogs in the running. Go here and vote for them on a scale from 1 to 5 (1 is the worst, 5 is the best). If you want to make your vote count 3 times as much, be sure to register first. Voting will end 2 weeks from today, August 6th (which also happens to be my 2 year wedding anniversary) and winners will be announced on August 7th.

The winner will receive (at least) a $50 cash prize! They will also have a link to their blog featured on the Blankest Blank Home Page for the next year (until the next blog of the year is decided).

The overall top 10 blogs (including the winner) will have their link featured here at Bestest Blog (replacing the Blog of the Month and Featured Blog in the top left) as well as have their links replace the blog of the year voting page. Results for blogs ranked 11 and up will be available from a link on the voting page as well.

If your blog is in the running, here are some tips to increase your chances of winning:
1. Go vote for yourself (duh!)
2. Encourage others to vote for you. Here is the URL: You might also be interested in including this cool banner on your blog, here is the code:

3. Encourage others to register before voting. Registered users votes count 3 times more than guests.
4. Keep up the great blogging that got you here in the first place. People are going to be stopping by your blog before voting, and if you have some great, new content, that'll surely increase your vote.

Again, congratulations and good luck! And if you're interested in winning another "blog of the day" award and get in the running for next year's award, check out the new "Blankest Blank Blog Directory." Questions? Please feel free to email me or drop by the forum.


Machiavelli said…
why don't you post this stuff on the other blog?
Machiavelli said…
So we have to wait another year to vote again? And why are only the blogs from this site included? Kind of stupid.
Bobby Griffin said…
First of all, I don't know what you mean by "other blog."

Second of all, only blogs from this site are included because I wanted to do one last hurrah for everyone here.

After this voting ends, we will begin voting for "blog of the day." All sites in the Blankest Blank Directory will be eligible. "Blogs of the day" go on to compete for "Blog of the Week," who go on to compete for "Blog of the Month," who go on to compete for "Blog of the Year." So, voting will be continuous, but we won't be voting for "Blog of the Year" again until next year.
Irene said…
Wow, wow, wow! I already feel like a winner just by being nominated. It's really an honor to be in the company of some of the most talented bloggers ever.

Bobby, you're the best! Thank you so much! :)
My Name Here said…
Ditto Irene!! This is quite the honor!!!
Thank you so much Bobby!!!!
Nice work on this Bobby =)
Ok I added it.
alphawoman said…
I find it hard to vote since there is not an all inclusive ballot...I really don't get it, I have to vote on each site?
Nugget said…
I'd participate but I don't really fit into the categories listed.

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