Bestest Blog of the Day: 01/23/2007

It's About Time
...a review by Skittles!

Since this is my first time as a guest reviewer I thought it only fitting that I pick one of the first bloggers ever to comment on my blog! That blogger is none other than Mau from It's About Time!!!

I had posted about Taylor Hicks from last season's American Idol show and she commented that she liked him, too. In her post called Bonus she calls it a "Woo Hoo Day!" because she'd bought a People magazine that had articles and pictures about him along with her other interest Prince William.

Be sure to read her hilarious post called Look Through Any Window where she tells about something disgusting she oversees her neighbor doing! In her Creep Who Came To Visit post, she tells about a visitor nobody would want to have.

Mau is from Ontario and enjoys exercising, sometimes with very embarrassing results, as you'll read about in Cracker Jack. (She's not going to be happy with me for listing THAT post.. haha!) She and her husband enjoy boating and other activities.

She was one of my first blogging friends to transcend the line to real friend and we have make more than a few phone calls! Please drop by her blog and tell her congratulations from Skittles and The Bestest Blog!


masgblog said…
Thank you so much. This is pretty cool.
Barb said…
Great choice! Oh wait.. I did it :)
Anonymous said…
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Great Review, Skittles!
I'm going to check her out right now.
Claire said…
Excellent review, so excellent that i am off to check it out.
ciscoblog said…
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