Bestest Blog of the Day: 01/09/2007

Words That Flow~ Annelisa's Place
...a review by Guest Blogger Mimi Lenox of Mimi Writes

Nestled in the countryside of East Sussex, Great Britain are magic words and children and monster rhymes, flowing brooks, crooked trees - a myriad of colors known as Annelisa. I have to tell you a secret.
She is having a love affair.
With the sky.
An artist's soul, mother's heart. A poet. Passion for peace and all things lovely. Champion and advocate for cancer research (she bared her head recently in a shaving ceremony that was not for the fainthearted. You can see her Baring It All HERE)
Then, in true Annelisa style, she wrote a whimsical lyric about her newfound beauty.
She can spin a tale with words and shape and sparkling vocabularly. That's for sure.
But one thing captures her essence more than anything, in my humble opinion: her photographs. They're extraordinary. Annelisa seems to see things that aren't there. Or....are they? Her pictures move me. They capture my attention. They speak. They tell a story.
She likes to wander through the nature trails in her corner of the world and share her findings with us. The trees want to talk, the brook sings, the wind blows. Annelisa knows how to capture a moment.

Although it was difficult to choose a photo for this article (they're ALL beautiful), this sunrise shot taken on November 7, 2006 from the window of her home has always been favorite.

She also has an award winning site called Heroines and Heroes, which is a celebration of friendship told in clever rhyme. It is thoughtful and selfless. Just like Annelisa.
Please do yourself a favor and stop by to have a cup of java with this lovely lass. You'll find a few surprises lurking behind twisted bark, maybe see angel wings in her car windshield (really!) and before you know it, you will have spent more time than you intended gazing into the lens of her magic camera.

Words That Flow from her pen and her insightful spirit are captivatingly unique. Lucky for us she chooses to share.
I hope you'll tell her that Mimi Lenox and Bestest Blog sent you.
Have a look!


Martha said…
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ellefolk said…
I like your blog my friend
Ooo! This sounds like it'll be a delicious read!
Mimi Lenox said…
Thanks for the shout out. I can't wait to see who will win the challenge. Stay tuned.....
Hey annelisa! CONGRATULATIONS for winning the Bestest Blog of the Day Award! Yahooo! =D

You truly deserve it! =)
Mimi Lenox said…
Oops. Wrong comment on wrong blog and now I can't remove it. I meant to say...Congratulations to Annelisa!
Nothing said…
Bobby, I was wondering - can a person submit 2 posts from 2 different blogs for the same carnival?
For example, i have two blogs - The JOKES Blog and Amazingly Bizarre and both have an animal-related post. I have also exchanged links with you, with both blogs.

Can i submit two entries?
Please leave a comment on my blog or on your blog (totally up to you!) with the answer.


Nothing said…
By the way: when i bring the cursor over the random blog button sidebar title (with the maroon background), because of your usage of the a:hover tag, both the text and background become the same colour and hence the text becomes unreadable. So you can change the a:hover text or background colour to correct this

Unknown said…
Great choice - and well deserved =)
Congrats to Annelisa!
Annelisa said…
Oh wow! I'm totally (for once in my life...:-D ) stumped for words! Thank you soooo much Mimi, for saying such lovely things - I might be too overwhelmed at the moment to say anything that means anything, but I could certainly give you a huge hug! What an amazing surprise!!! Thank you!

And thank you Bobby, for featuring Words that Flow today - really, it's made my day (and is just what I needed to snap out of my doldrums!) Have a great one yourself!
That is a great site!
Diana said…
at least you're getting some attention.

check out di-ablog for something different.
TopChamp said…
YEY! Good choice Mimi & Bobby.
Anonymous said…
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krystyna said…
Congratulations to Annelisa!
She is a great, friendly bloger. I appreciate her wisdom and the way she writes. Annelisa is wonderful, nice and fun woman. She truly deserve it. Good choice!

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