Bestest Blog of the Day: 12/20/2006

WTIT Tape Radio: The Blog
...a review by Mimi Lenox from Mimi Writes

It was the seventies.
Who knew that nearly forty years later what started as a group of teenagers talking into a tape recorder would now be an internet blog entity? Who knew? Somehow, Bud did. "Even at 15, I knew we were talking to someone, we just didn’t know who or when," he recalls. That's right. An award-winning radio station that nobody has ever listened to (Never mind the adolescent brainstorm that branded the not-so-subtle callletters. I know what you're thinking. But what could be so bad about W-Tape-Is-Tape?!)
WTIT's lifelong professional DJ and comedy writer Bud Weiser explains, "Even though I know that WTIT is a Tape Radio Station that no one can hear, I do not believe it. I believe everyone listens and they are too shy to admit it."
He may be right.
The nation's longest running tape radio station is now a blog with over 200 articles. With links to reel-to-reel tapes of music shows and comedy bits - the current group of DJs just recorded tape 566 - much more went into the evolution of WTIT. You can "hear" their brand of humor here and here for "Your Dog's Name Was Happy." It has evolved over the years - changing DJs, invisible DJs, famous DJs -as have radio stations in general; but the comradery remains intact. Read WTIT's The First Tape Radio Show. It was a moment.
Bud Weiser is a comedian to the core; but he is a DJ at heart.
Want funny? Just read his hilarious weekly series called Dating Profiles of The Week . Want serious reflection? This piece on the late Bob Steele and Bill Savitt called Drinking Songs and Gentlemen says it all. Maybe what makes Bud's blog successful is that he feels right at home with an unseen audience. "At times it is like a vacuum. But all those years on the radio I could not feel the audience either."
Forty years of nostalgic comedy and friendships and memories (still in the making) speak volumes about his unique talent. It is remarkable and commendable that he has taken the time - and had the wherewithal - to write it all down. If you were present during the late sixties and seventies, this blog is a must-read. The photographs alone are worth the price of admission. "In the mix" there's never a shortage of hilarious antics by a determined group of performers who never stopped creating comedy.
Did you ever jump into cars with strangers just to meet girls? Bluff your way into dead-end dating scenarios ON PURPOSE? Do you rely on your cab driver to maintain your social calendar? I didn't think so.

But that's a regular news day at WTIT. Bud's too busy trying to stay out of trouble to do sports and weather.

While funny dating stories, wacky memes ,
his ongoing love affair (NOT) with Britney Spears -(adult content warning label clearly marked)
and Bud's warped sense of perfectly logical humor prevail, the essence of WTIT is the pulse of something more profound: friendship.

He says, "We are just a group of friends who recorded almost every detail of our lives for almost 40 years.......the trials and convictions of a group of friends." Bud's been bloggin' a long time.

Pic: Not Abbey Lane - Bud is the leader in white.
Although WTIT is a humor blog, there are four things Bud never jokes about: family (click here to read about a little girl's uncanny aspirations and a pair of special shoes), friends, The Beatles, and his passion for world peace.
His oldest daughter, who also has a blog, grew up thinking everyone's dad had a tape radio station. I'm not sure you could convince her otherwise to this day.

But the one constant has been Bud Weiser - who is wiser - and still defined by the music.
In fact, it's always been about the music.

If you're seeking a delightful blend of humor and substance, click on over to Bud's place station....and tell him Mimi and Bestest Blog Of All-Time sent you.

I hear he takes requests.


Paul said…
Abbey ROAD. PENNY Lane.
Nothing said…

Excellent Choie Bobby/Mimi... WTIT is one of the better stops in the bloggosphere
That is choice - dang.. spellcheck
Anonymous said…
Congratulations, bud. You have been so supportive of other bloggers, it's about time you got some acclaim for your own blog, which is always entertaining--sometimes silly, often sardonic, sometimes thought provoking, but always entertaining.
Thanks All!
R2k & Jokester nice to meet you!
Paul -
I bet she's kicking herself for that.
Thanks and I think guys our age gotta stick together!
Thanks. Recognition is an awful lot of fun. First BlogDumps and now this! The best part? I just love to write comedy and this outlet is fantastic!
Mimi Lenox said…
Congratulations to Bud! I loved writing this article. I wish only good things for him and his blog. Great comedy. Great blog.

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