Bestest Blog of the Day: 10/19/2006

One More Raindrop in a Bloggy Ocean
Ok, first things first. Has there everything been a blog title as thought-provoking as this one? Recognizing the insignificance of one person, yet noting their contribution to life as a whole. Deep man. Deep.

Janna is a 36 year old female from Michigan with an intense love of blogging. I'm talking 2-3 posts a day. There's a lot going on over at her blog: recounting crazy dreams, pointless pictures, trying things for the first time in 30 years. There's also a lot that's not going on.

But the clinching factor that made me choose Janna today was a message she left in a recent post. And I quote: "See, this is why I haven't gotten the 'Bestest Blog' award; I've been too busy putting the really good stuff on OTHER people's sites! :)"

You see...Janna is a master-photoshopper. Recently, she has been spending a lot of her time photoshopping Morgen (from "It's a Blog Eat Blog World") into hilarious potential Halloween costumes. This one here is my favorite! But there are lots more to check out! They're all really funny and well done.

So, fret no more Janna. You now have a 'Bestest Blog' award to add to your blogging resume, partly thanks to your hilarious pictures (even if they are technically on Morgen's blog). So please visit "One More Raindrop in a Bloggy Ocean" today and show Janna some love!


Janna said…
Wow! Oh, my gosh, this is so cool!
Thank you! I promise not to let the 24 hours of fame go to my head.
Well, maybe just a little bit. :)
Wonder Mo-man approves whole ♥edly!

I love the themes.
Bobby: thanks for bestowing my weird friend Janna with this reward. To celebrate, I've tagged you with a Weird Meme at
It’s A Blog Eat Blog World

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