Bestest Blog of the Day: 09/11/2006

Doctor Anonymous Morgen from "It's a Blog Eat Blog World"

For my first Morgen Monday, I select Doctor Anonymous as Bestest Blog Of The Day for Monday, September 11. An infamous day for all of us. Best summed up with the words of the song quoted on Dr. A's Friday post (which was also his 100th post -- Congrats, Dr. A!). He was on call this past weekend, and I hope this honor picks up his spirits as he begins a new week of doctorly duties.

Dr. A is not only a doctor, he's also a funny guy who is a Blogaholic. He's self-described as "just a guy trying to find the humor in medicine and humor in life while dealing with the daily grind of the American health care system." His site is the "Unofficial Bloggers Anonymous" headquarters. Like most of us, he has reflected upon the frequency of his postings, what it means to Blog, and about the interaction he has with his commenters.

In Dr. A's own words: "Blogging is like being at the podium and to get people to listen to you, your thoughts have to be pretty well developed, or people will walk away. The good blogs that I've run into make me think a little bit and make me post a comment. The interaction with people (conversation like interactions) take place in the comment area. The blog is kind of like the lecture and the comments are like the Q&A." I love this quote. Written like a true Blogaholic!

So raise a bottle of Woodchuck Cider to Dr. Anonymous today, and tell him that Morgen and Bestest Blog sent ya!


Good call : )
Dr. A said…
Thanks so much Morgen for the recognition and for the plug. I really appreciate it! Stop by my blog today! See what the buzz is about. HA!
thethinker said…
A great choice.

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